Is Obamacare Helping Baby Boomers Not Old Enough for Medicare?

Many baby boomers have lost their job and their benefits. It if you couple that with pre-existing conditions the possibility of getting insurance is  greatly reduced.  Click this link to read an insightful article about how the Obamacare program is actually helping baby boomers who are not old enough for Medicare.

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10 Things Baby Boomers Can do if They Shop Online During the Holidays and 10 Plus More Ebay Stores That Can Help You

 My friend Blogging Betty Boomer  has discovered some really simple yet interesting things you can do if you shop online this season. If you add shopping online to your holiday choices you can:  1.  Watch Scandal, The Good Wife favorite sports  game and National Geographic instead missing them while  standing in line. 2.  You can […]

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Welcome to Full Up on Leftovers Friday-Day After Thanksgiving

It is the day after thanksgiving. We had a great time with family in Connecticut and don’t have to cook the chicken in the freezer or make black beans because WE BROUGHT HOME LEFTOVERS.  Now, many of you actually cooked yesterday. That means if folks did not take all the meat off your turkey you […]

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Ever Think About Warming Your Buns With a Terracotta Warming Tile Bread Warmer?

When I was young, only yesterday, I never thought about using a bread warmer. You know , something to keep my bread always ready to melt the butter regardless of how long we sat at the table.  I always put it back in the oven or nano seconds in the microwave and hoped it would […]

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Medigap And the Affordable Health Care Act Aka Obamacare Part 4

Someone asked me about supplemental insurance and the Affordable Health Care Act. Well, I did a little research. It appears that there is something called Medigap which you can get to supplement your Medicare. Yes, there will be some impact on that program. So listed below are several articles that address the issue. Please feel […]


Affordable Health Care Act and My Medicare-How Does It Impact it? Part 3

Many people are wondering if the Affordable Health Care Act will help or hurt them if they are already getting Medicare. So, here is a link directly from the Medicare site that may shed some light. Medicare and the Affordable Health Care Act  

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Affordable Health Care Act Information and Insights For Baby Boomers Part 2-How Do You Access Information For Your State?

So How do you get more information about the Affordable Health Care Plan for your State? You can access the marketplace where health insurance  will be sold, are going to be accessible through Health Care .gov  and if you have issues with the technology you can do the instant chat feature which I found to […]


Affordable Health Care Act Information and Insights For Baby Boomers Part 1

How much do you already know about the Affordable Health Care Act? Are people already asking you about information in your family because they know that you will KNOW? Aren’t we Baby Boomers always supposed to be the “go to folks”? Well, I decided to finally start gathering information because I needed to KNOW MORE. […]

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Do You Know Someone Who is Hearing Challenged and Needs an Amplified Phone?

Sometimes you need a gadget that will make life easier when your have personal challenges. If you or someone you know has a hearing challenge or need help waking in the morning then these items just might help. These devices make life easier and fun for anyone with hearing loss generally have a difficult time […]

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New System Provides Innovative Ways to Avoid Missing Prescription Medication

 I am so glad someone finally came up with a good medicine reminder. MedCenter System features new approach of pill stocking (with days and dates), talking alarms and visual aids Miami, Florida – April 15, 2013 – Prescription medicines are an important component of health management, however a growing volume of research indicates a disturbing […]