A Blog For Boomers That Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

The Newsday blog featuring the genius animations of Walt Handelsman will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Here is some info about Walt Handelsman directly from the blog. It shows impressive acts of creativity by a baby boomer. It states:

Meet Walt Handelsman

Walt Handelsman is the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist for Newsday. He joined the paper in February of 2001.

Before that, Walt worked for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans from 1989-2001, The Scranton (PA) Times from 1985-1989, and a chain of 13 Baltimore and Washington suburban weeklies from 1982-1985.

Walt, 51, a graduate of The University of Cincinnati, creates cartoons that appear in over 200 newspapers around the country and internationally. They are frequently reprinted in Newsweek, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune.

In early 2006, Walt taught himself Flash animation and now creates animated editorial cartoons that are viewed by zillions of fans across the Internet.

In addition to Handelsman’s two Pulitzers, he has also been awarded two National Headliner Awards, the Society of Professional Journalists Award, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, The Scripps Howard National Journalism Award and The 2007 Online News Association’s Best Online Commentary Award for his animations.

He is the author of eight collections of his editorial cartoons as well as a children’s book published in 1995.

He lives with his wife, Jodie, and two sons, James and Billy, on Long Island.

Now yes, it is true, that there are other great news items on this blog that are also resources for boomers but I honestly did not get past the animations when I reviewed the blog.

I beg you to go and check out the great animations of this super baby boomer and laugh and cry all at the same time.


Want Great Quotes Each Day, Raves and Craves?

Today I am reviewing Craves Raves and Faves!
This is a true blue blogger. Her “About Me” description is authentic and sincere she states:

I am a stay-at-home Mom that loves the whole blog atmosphere and blogger community. I love to have such a wonderful writing outlet…to help keep me sane. I also like searching the web for new things, oldie but goodie things, and just generally interesting things.

Now she is not yet a boomer but real close by 3 years. Yet she has something many boomers will appreciate and that is fresh new insights, a great looking blog and powerful inspiring quotes. That’s right she has a post to chew on for each day.

I did not get off the first page of her blog before I was clicking on her slide show source to create a slide show for myself. Thanks, for the research and providing this great tool for me.

Now, back to her blog please check out her witty posts and videos. She has a lot to say and it is enjoyable to read it . And who said that blogging was not good therapy? I was lost on it for a while before I wrote this post and forgot about my headache for a while.

She also has a unique way to chat and create a comment. Just another example of the deep research she has done in building her blog. Certainly we can all benefit.

So please chat and let her know your feelings about her blog.

Keep up the great work!


A Phone for Boomers? A Phone for Seniors?

I was talking with a friend of mine recently in Florida. She mentioned that she had gotten a Jitterbug for someone she knew needed assistance. At first I thought she was joking and asked, “Jitterbug”? I thought about dancing. Some of you remember.

But she explained that it was a phone that was ideal for folks who wanted a simple phone they could understand. It was also good if you were caring for a loved one who did not have grandchildren to help them understand the phone.

So here it is. I have not gotten one yet myself for my mom because she insists that as long as she can reach me on my phone that’s enough. But then she doesn’t have long distance either. I might get her one anyway.

Please share if you have had any experience with this phone.

Health Matters for Boomers?

 Today I want to review a blog called Massage For Adults.

The site does not stop at discussions of massage therapy but expands into major health issues that are critical for every baby boomer.  The site discription says:

Articles, products and sound medical information for self help and well being. The author, a frequent and invaluable blogger on blogcatalog.com shows an amazing amount of research based knowledge in her posts. For example, there is a clearly written and concise discussion on MRSA. 

If you are guessing tha MRSA has something to do with antibiotics you are right. But I encourage you to go and read the post.

As a Community Health Educator and presentation skills coach I am sensitive to health information that is just the facts without a concern about how well the reader has grasped the information. This site is one that keeps the reader in mind. Plus, there is an opportunity for you to post a question directly on the site!

There is a lot of health information out there and it is helpful to have someone who is sensitive and kind enough to take the time to research and share  insights with readers.

Keep up the great work!!!


The Right Blue Blog Site Prepared Me For “The Deep”

I may not have paid attention to the review of the book The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss, by Claire Nouvian, if I had not reviewed the The Right Blue Blog.

This morning I was glancing through a magazine called The American Educator.(Vol.31, No.4, Winter 2007-2008) It is sent to Ray, my husband and author of those exciting blogs Camera Boomer, Horner Art Workshop, and Professor Horners Art Class. He is also an Adjunct at a local University. In this issue there was a colorful and captivating article written by Claire Nouvian featuring authors, Cindy Lee Van Dover, Edith Widder, Craig M. Young, and Lisa Levin. The article excerpt is named 4,ooo Meters Below, New Research Reveals the Wonder of the Deep Sea.

The article begins on page 8 with a statement by the editors which say:

Love at first sight is how journalist and filmaker Claire Nouvian describes her first glimpse of the exotic creatures of the deep sea. “some with surprising s hapes or baffling colors, others that spat out threatening flashes of blue light, and others still that undulated with infinite grace, producing tridescent sparkles” She was desperate to know more, and disappointed at the dearth of information available to the general public. “How is it possible that the Earth bears such marvels and that people don’t even know about them?”. she asked…

The statement continues by stating the book, The Deep, has over 200 striking photos and 14 short esseys by leading oceanographers. This article offers an excerpt from her introduction and four of the esseys from the oceanographers.

Trust me thanks to the wonderful glimpse of the under water wonders by the diver couple of the Right Blue I want to get this book and really travel and learn. Thanks for opening my eyes!!!!

I have provided the link for the book located at Amazon for you.

The magazine is published by the American Federation of Teachers. It is sent to AFT teacher, higher education and other school-related professional members. Non-members can also subscribe for a small fee of $10.00 per year. But if you want to get a copy of this issue you might try Sandy Hendricks: shendric@aft.org


Are You Having a Midlife Crisis? Find Out on This Boomer Blog Plus More…

If you are wondering if you are having a mid life crisis than visit The Boomer Chronicles. Here the author has provided a really insightful checklist on the right sidebar. But that’s not all. This the wonderful wit of the author is seen with the statement on the home page:

My Motto
“I’m a baby boomer, I have a blog, and I know how to use it.”

Welcome to the International Clearinghouse on Youthiness Studies, otherwise known as The Boomer Chronicles, a blog for baby boomers and others. This blog is updated every Monday through Friday, usually several times daily. Oh, and on weekends, when I feel like it.

Since it is the season for constant replays of a favorite movie “It’s a Wonderful Life, please read the post on the film this blog has written. Just click here to be taken to the post for a great experience.

This is a true blue boomer blog with wit, good writing, refreshing perspective and sound wisdom. It makes this blogging boomers proud!!!!!!



A Great New Resource for Boomers Who Want to Make Money With Their Blog

I just received a really nice comment from a blogger named Hye on my blogging for boomers site. I decided to visit the blog attached to the comment. I discovered a wealth of information about how to monetize your blog, if you are interested in doing that.

I could not find any background information on the author(I will keep looking) but the information presented seems to be “right on”. There is even a page on avoiding scams which is so important these days. See the prior post about Jack Paynes blog.

The blog is called entry 4 cash.

The site has only been up this year. But if the wealth of information keeps coming at the current rate I think those of you who want to make some extra money will glean from the advice and expertise that has gone into this site.


I am going to keep my eye on it for sure.

Boomers-A Trip into the Heart of the Baby Boomer Generation is Worth the View

Boomers is a content filled, concise and collective focused blog. It is authored by a youth minded marketing guru named Brent Green. I will let his own about statement speak for itself:
I am a marketing consultant and author of “Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices, Predictions.” I present workshops and give speeches about the Boomer generation and business strategies. I also provide analysis and commentary for news media such as “The Los Angeles Times,” “US News & World Report,” “Business Week,” and “The Wall Street Journal.” My company, Brent Green & Associates, Inc., is an internationally award-winning firm specializing in direct response marketing for health & fitness and Boomer-focused companies. Marketing to Boomers I welcome your comments and questions here. Please enjoy my blog commentary, which usually slides precariously on thin ice.

This site is not just a collection of rants but a collection of information and news updates of interest to baby boomers. I was very impressed with the post on brain training and ageism.

I am convinced that this is one of those “go to sites” for anyone who wants to know what is on the thinking mind of a boomer. It reminds me very much of the static site Now What Jobs because of the comprehensive resources.

For serious bloggers looking for content ideas this is a site to mull over for a fresh point of view and current information.

Thanks Brent for your hard work and expertise.


Resource for Bloggers-Blogging Mix

Blogging Mix is an excellent resource for boomers who blog. This site capture my attention with the cutting edge article which encouraged all bloggers to submit their site to a Chinese search engine. Not only was the article convincing and well documented but instruction is given on doing the submission although you may not know the Chinese language.

You can review this post here. But don’t stop there, search the rest of the site and subscribe to the feed!