Take A Vacation Moment at Boomer Diva Nation

If you need a refreshing break take visit the Boomer Diva Nation Bold and Beautiful Boomer Diva Blog!

The site is the brainchild of Beverly Mahone. I thought that it was best for you to read the words from her excellently crafted “About Me” page of the blog.

Beverly Mahone is a veteran journalist, author, media coach and motivational speaker who writes about issues affecting middle-aged women in her book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age. The Ohio University graduate writes candidly about issues including weight gain and menopause, dating after the age of 40 and leaving Corporate America at midlife. After spending more than 25 years in the radio and television news business, Beverly traded it in to become a work-at-home-mom. She is now using her media expertise as a consultant to train individuals how to market themselves to radio, television and newspapers professionals. (http://www.talk2bev.com ). She is also enjoying a lucrative speaking career in which she shares her life experiences with other women baby boomer women.

Beverly, who has been classified as a baby boomer expert by the media, has appeared on numerous radio and talk programs including:

WOR Radio in with Henican and White (New York City)
The Audrey Chapman Show (Washington, DC)
Madison in the Morning Sunny 93.9 (Raleigh, NC)
Just 4 Us with Gayle Hurd (Raleigh, NC)

MSNBC-TV Boomer Nation Segment
WGHP Fox 8 (High Point, NC)
WCCB Fox 18 (Charlotte, NC)
WTTG Fox 5 (Washington, DC)

New York Times Newspaper Article June 7, 2007

Beverly currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and teenage daughter. She describes herself as a “Babyboomer Diva on the Move” who has a passion for God and family. Her favorites are Psalm 121 and Philippians 4-13 and her favorite poem is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

Now while you are on her site please click on the new internet radio show she is hosting every Monday. She is talking with other baby boomers on my favorite topic PASSION for life. You can click on and hear the broadcasts she has done and be sure to try and attend one at 12:00 noon your time.

Wow, all this excitement takes place before you visit the content saturated posts on issues related to boomer life. When you visit the posts, blogroll, and the featured blog by her handsome husband on healthy living boomer style you realize that it is going to take more than one visit to this oasis of information and inspiration.

So please allow me to treat you to a FREE ticket to the site and enjoy your vacation moment!

PS If you do not enjoy the trip I will refund your inspiration and information.


Powerful Link Exchange Directory on Custom Beverages

I cannot believe I missed the powerful link exchange directory when I reviewed on custom beverages yesterday. If you have any service that you are convinced would be good for this market please go to the site and add your link.

There is also an opportunity to exchange links with Custom Beverages which is a win-win for everyone.


Better Branding Options at Custom Beverages Are Waiting for You!

My friend, Linda Bailey-Walker has stunned the branding industry with her brand of custom packaging with Custom Beverages.

I will never forget the elegantly labeled bottle of apple cider she sent me as a gift one year. It was adorned with  the cloths of a “diva” and encased in a beautiful wooden box. The label contained my business information and I still have it!

If you are planning an event and want quality branded labels or etchings on your water,soda, etc then please visit Custom Beverages.

There is now a creative brand new  blog on this site called BOB. That stands for Branding Options Blog. The mission of the blog is:  To share strategies, news, and views about customization and branding across a range of industries.  

This blog just started this month and is waiting for your comments and insights.

The catergories include;

Category Archives

* Automobiles
* Beverages
* Bottled Water
* Clothes
* Customization
* Finance
* Food
* General Comments
* Private Label
* Promotional Products
* Technology – software
* Training
* Web 2.0 Customization
So take a few minutes to visit the website and the BOB Blog site.(Now that’s what I call branding) you will not regret it!


If You Have A Passion For Interior Decorating Then Visit Addicted2Decor

If you have a passion for interior decorating than visit Addicted2Decor. 

This blog, by KRISTI LINAUER is a work of exceptional expertise and entertaining empowerment. The well designed and easy to read blog is perfect for anyone who wants insight into all things related to the world of interior design.  She writes:

This blog is a way for me to share great decorating tips, fun project ideas, inspirational interiors, great new products, and other fabulous finds.  The world of design and decorating is so exciting, and there are always new things to be uncovered and discovered.  Great design is no longer something that’s only available for the wealthy and privileged.  It is becoming more readily available to the masses–regardless of socioeconomic status.  I believe that’s how it should be!

As a southerner, I think I have a unique viewpoint to share with you.  Sure, I love modern and contemporary design (which other popular interior design blogs seem to focus on exclusively), but being from the south, I also have a love for traditional design, which is still quite prevalent in the south.  So I hope to bring you a wide variety of products and inspirational interiors–everything from the ultra modern to the most traditional of southern homes, and everything in between.  

Now, I must admit I have only taken one course in design recently in my boomer years at a local adult school. My husband was putting in a new kitchen and I did not want to be left out of the decisions about color and design. Because he is an artist, photographer, and carpenter with extraordinary taste, I used to be very lazy about any decorating and left it all to him. Shame on me!

But was I in for a surprise when I took that class. It was awesome. I understood more because my husband had been attempting to open my eyes and it all came together with that class. Imagine me keeping a file of color swatches:) So, it is now very natural for me to look with enthusiasm and excitement at a blog like this.

I showed my husband the post about some super architecture by Tadao Ando. Her coverage of his work with pictures and snappy narrative makes you want to keep visiting her site.

So if you only like interior decorating go to this site so you can fall in love with interior decorating!

What Sites Have You Visited Of Interest To Boomers?

I decided to make this an open post. Please share with all my readers what sites you have found that would be of interest to baby boomers. Ok, marketers now you can strut your stuff so take advantage of it.(smile)

Also, those of you who have a blog or static website this is an opportunity to share with others. Of course I am not going to approve anything that I don’t think is appropriate.  Yes, you can share cooking sites I always think that’s appropriate!


Electronic Village Another Voice for African American Blogs

Electronic Village  is a powerful site that includes news, views and inspiration about Africian Americans and their blogs. I found out about this content saturated site on a blog directory called blogcatalog.com.

The author, Wayne Hicks states:

The Electronic Village serves multiple purposes. First, it is the cyberspace home of Hicks Enterprises. In addition, this is a ‘virtual village’ created in the African tradition with an eclectic collection of insights, input and information. The Electronic Village is a concept more than anything else. A concept brought from Africa to cyberspace. Visit our website (www.ElecVillage.com). Most importantly, add your flavor to this blog! Enjoy the flow…

Right now, in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday there is an insightful post called Manic Monday. Everyone is invited to read the ” I Have A Dream Speech” then join a lively thought provoking discussion on the significance of Dr. King’s life and works.

But don’t stop at this post. Spend some time looking at the rich and well done commentaries, links to other powerful sites as well as featured interviews and videos.

I strongly suspect that this site will triple in popularity and branch out into additional sites in the  future. It has definitly become a voice that is needed our blog world and I intend to listen.

As an African American I am so very proud of the hard work, research and solid content on this site. And as a blogger I am proud of the representation of good solid stuff for my blogging boomer readers. I have learned a lot from this site and hope more and more people keep contributing and coming back for more.

Keep up t he great work! I believe that Dr. King would be proud.

It’s True -30 Daily Doses of Motivation Is Now Available Free Until Feb. 18,2008

A book I co-authored with Dr. Robin Eubanks is NOW available to my readers only until Feb. 18, 2008. This is a book of motivational quotes with illustrations that will, hopefully, take up a healthy piece of real estate in your brain.

I am convinced that if we are not thinking of good stuff the bad stuff crowds everything else out. So, we decided to launch this little book that has inspired many in our workshops and keynotes. I have also used it to share with folks in the hospital or home recovering from an illness.

So go ahead and go to rosiehorner.com and download your copy today. And yes, you can share it with your friends and family.

Also visit my friend, Dr. Eubanks site. She is an excellent keynote speaker and super trainer.

Take care and enjoy.

PS If you like it please give me a comment and permission to use it.

Take care and enjoy your motivational moment!

Don’t forget go to rosiehorner.com

Right now!

Toolie Teaches Timely Tools For Your Computer

Since July, 2007 Toolie has been providing cutting edge FREE webinars on computer must have skills for 30 mins on Wed. afternoon and evenings. I know because I have been learning so much from her. She is called Toolie the Travel Guide. And if you w ant to know about travel you can stay on her site after you sign up for her webinar.

But this Wednesday please get a taste of what she has to offer. This Wednesday she is  talking about critical computer backup things you should do for your business. BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A COMPUTER WIZ TO DO IT.

That is the beauty of her workshops she takes her time, listens to you and shows you what to do.

So here is the link to her webinar sign up sheet and consider checking out her session this Wednesday!

Women To Women International Needs Your Help

I just finished watching a special report on  CBS News, 60 Minutes about the crime of rape that is committed in the Congo against women. I am not a journalist but if the goal of a good news report is to let you know what is happening and making a call to action this show was very successful.

Why am I making an appeal on this site? Because many Baby Boomers  are about making change and contributing to causes that make sense. This is one of those causes. Please visit the site and read about what is going on during this evil rampage of destruction.

The site is women to women and it provides more information and ways in which you can, if you choose, help. This is one of the organizations providing hope through direct services. I don’t know of any others but if someone does please let us know.

You know baby boomers are still making a difference. I am hoping that even this short post can make some kind of an impact, even if it is just an increase in awareness-which is a lot.

Generation Ageless-A Bold Book About Boomers

“Baby Boomers are rejecting a view of themselves as old people.” This and other powerful insights can be found in the must have book called Generation Ageless. The authors, J.Walker Smith and Ann Clurman, have produced a work of bottomless information for anyone who wants to sell to or just plain understand the boomer market.

The term baby boomer was coined in 1960 by the Yankeovich Company. Since then they have compiled a wealth of information about baby boomers. They have divided baby boomers into six segments. Due diligents, maimizers, sidelineers, straight arrows, diss/contenteds, and re-activists.

The book is divided into two sections which focus on the immortality and morality focus of baby boomers. You may not agree with many of the perspectives but they come from loads of research based on surveys conducted on baby boomers.Do not be surprised, if you are reading it as a baby boomer, that you find yourself reflected in the book.

As for marketing to boomers, one point made is that boomers are more concerned about the experience of the product than the product itself. Umm, something to think about.