Adversity University-All Baby Boomers Know About This

Adversity University is an inspirational blog by Steven Hopson. I had an opportunity to meet him one year at a National Speakers Association annual conference Steven is deaf and a pilot!

He sent me an email with a special request which is listed below. This is my way of telling you about his site as well as helping to spread his request to others.

Hi everyone!

You are a subscriber to my blog, Adversity University, and I am asking if you would do me a huge, special favor?

You’ve seen the videos at my blog, right?

And I think you already know that I entered a video competition. Well, today (Tuesday, February 26) is the last day of that contest. Competition is pretty fierce with other videos already over 2,000 views. Mine is up to about 1800 at this point.

I have a chance of winning if I end up with the most number of views. If I win, I get the sorely needed help to create a best-selling book (the manuscript is still sitting on the floor, not going anywhere at the moment).

Right now I’m the underdog in this competition and I need your help by asking you to just click on the link below and watch the 2 minute video. Your view counts as a vote. Then ask your entire network of contacts to watch that video too.

Would you do that for me?

I would really, really appreciate it. I’m taking the “power of asking” to a new level and hope and pray that you will forward the link to everyone you know.

I, of course, will be announcing the results in a future blog post at Adversity University.

Here’s the link:

I am eternally grateful for your continuing love and support. This is a very special situation and I hope you don’t mind me asking you for help.

Stephen Hopson

Coffee, Croissants and Consistant Care at Cafe Baby Boomers

Cafe Baby Boomers is a must visit site if you want to enjoy yourself while you learn. This site contains a deep well of articles that covers areas of interest to baby boomers from retirement to entertainment and leisure.
There is also a blog on the site with additional article postings. Their forum hasĀ  782 registered users and 162 article postings.

So when you get a chance please visit!


Leadership and Time Management

Leadership and time management is the topic of an upcoming Blog Radio Interview. The guest is a blooming baby boomer and fellow National Speakers Association member, Michelle Porchia.
As many of you know, Blog Talk Radio is a great site to host your own radio program. In addition you can invite listeners to join and participate in a LIVE chat. The details for the upcoming show with Michele is below:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 @ 12noon.
Blog Talk Radio

The show title is: Life by Executive Decision

Topic is: "Using Your Time Effectively in the Leadership Role".

Please tune in at 12noon EST on the internet or call in Live with questions

and comments- 646 478-4903

Talk To Me-How Do You Like The Audio Interviews

I plan to continue doing audio interviews on product, services and web/blog sites that are helpful to or created by baby boomers. However, in order to keep it relevant to what you, the reader want to hear, please let me know what types of topic areas you would likeĀ  to hear about.

Also, are the interviews too long , too short, etc. Please note that they are not perfect but any insights or observations you have will be welcomed.

I am excited about the great good stuff that I hope to review and future interviews you will hear.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by the site.