Political Blogs Are Some of Them Splogs?

Splogs and political blogs is the topic of a recent post I read. In case you don’t know Splogs are not authentic blogs but imitate real blogs. Usually they are created to push up traffic, page rank and satuated with google ads. You might even see some of your blog material on a splog just because you used good keywords. Anyway, since I last posted on political blogs thought this was interesting for review from ebiquity

Your comments  as well as more on political blogs are welcomed.

Are some political blogs splogs?

Political Blogs

Politics is a dynamic arena for blogs. Baby Boomers are in the midst of creating and posting to sites that amplfy our seasoned voice and vibrant discussions. So for the a little while I will be sharing some some of the political blogs out there in the blog world.

Please share those you know about so our readers can  stay tuned with the varied and vibrant discussions.

Today I will share with you a site called Politico.

Below is the narrative from their about page:

January 2007

The Politico’s goals are simple. Over the past several weeks, we set out to assemble the most talented and interesting collection of journalists — established names as well as promising young people — that we could find. Now, we will turn these reporters loose on the subject we love: national politics.

We will focus on three arenas. The first is Congress and the constant flow of agendas, personalities and power struggles that define daily life on Capitol Hill. The second is the 2008 presidential campaign, a race already churning and one likely to shape history in ways far beyond the typical election. The third is lobbying and advocacy, a part of the capital economy undergoing rapid growth and change. It is a business alive with interesting and influential characters whose impact is dimly understood and insufficiently covered.

You must registar to post to the site as well as participate in the chat room and forumns. The pages for the blog include:









Columns(lots of sub-categories here)

It is, indeed, a very comprehensive site with lot’s of comments.

So give it a view or two. Politico


Aging Parents? Baby Boomer? Can You Relate?

Many Baby Boomers are faced with caring for aging parents. If you have something you want to share I invite you to be a guest author or blogger on this site. Today let’s hear the insights of James Armstrong.

Also, you can hear the interview I did with him a while back.

In Your Next Chapter, Caring for an Aging Parent by James O. Armstrong

As you begin to transition into the next chapter of your life, other considerations will begin to emerge on your horizon. Among those factors entering into your new equation may be the consideration of caring for an aging parent or parents.

Q: “I can’t get more job training because I’m taking care of an aging parent. What would you say to me?”

A: There are alternatives or options which you need to consider, including elder care options from agencies that visit men and women’s homes on a regular basis. So, perhaps the answer is bringing someone in on those days of the week when you are working or gaining additional training.

Q: “I take my mother to many doctors appointments. Does this limit me in the kinds of jobs I can accept, because I have to take so much time off work?”

A: There are agencies dealing with aging in each county. Some of these are voluntary organizations, such as churches uniting together to take seniors to doctors’ offices and dentists’ offices plus tests at hospitals. There are simply men and women in the community who have already retired, and they’re willing to perform these functions.

Q: “Where can I learn more about these services?”

A: You can check with your own county departments on aging or voluntary organizations in your county that deal with the subject of aging.

Q: “I never know when a family member is going to need me, and then I have to drop everything. So I can’t work, and we’re running out of money.”

A: Most companies and schools would take that into consideration from an attendance standpoint. This is an item that can be negotiated.

Q: “I have to give the highest priority to helping my aging parent. Don’t you think so?”

A: Your aging parent understands the necessity of you working, if you absolutely have to have money from a cashflow standpoint. Everything in life is a question of establishing correct priorities. If you need income every month to pay your bills, then that is your first priority. This doesn’t mean that you’re not involved in the resolution of your aging parent’s problem.

Q: “My mother is very high maintenance.”

A: There are also nursing home options and assisted living options that need to be evaluated going forward. Perhaps, one of these options involves your mother selling her current home or condominium, as she evaluates these senior living options.

Q: “I know that other cities have more job opportunities for me. But my parents wouldn’t even consider moving and I take care of them.”

A: All of these concerns have to be taken into consideration. So, if working is the first necessity that you have, then you have to pursue these job opportunities where you’re concerned and, then, deal with your aging parent issues as a separate line item. In other words, you need to de-couple those items.

Q: “My father is frail, and he simply could not move with us.”

A: Then your father needs to consider senior living options that would be appropriate for him, based upon his age and physical or mental limitations.

Q: “All of my family and friends are in this town. We just can’t move.”

A: Because your family and friends are here doesn’t mean you can’t move. That’s a choice on your part.

Q: “I’m too old to move. I’m set in my ways.”

A: I’m reminded of the phrase from the Lord’s Prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” I don’t think that it has to do with where you currently live but where you can earn your income. And I believe that flexibility is part of the answer in this process. The more flexible we’re willing to be, the more easily our needs can be met in this area in terms of providing the income we need for our basic necessities.

James O. Armstrong, President of NowWhatJobs.net, Inc., http://www.nowwhatjobs.net, also serves as the Editor of NowWhatJobs.net. NowWhatJobs.net is the resource for job and career transitions for workers 40 years old and over, Baby Boomers and Active Seniors. Read NowWhatJobs.net for skills training, relocation options, job opportunities and much more. In addition, James is the author of “Now What? Discovering Your New Life and Career After 50.”

Article Source: Articles for Boomers

Boomer Parties-Face to Face Social Networking

Baby Boomers are used to face-to-face social networking. The advent of oneline networking should not push away or put down the old-fashioned “getting to know you opportunities.

This site, Boomer Parties, is an attempt to increase the connections folks can make with each other, perhaps, after they meet online. It provides resources for folks who want to network in New York City.

This is also a site that I would not use. 30 years of marriage to the same boomer cuts out my social networking as a single.


The ABOUT US page says the following:


BOOMER PARTIES INC. was created to fill a much needed outlet in New York City for
fun social networking, entertainment and nightlife events for Single Baby Boomers.

Our mission is to bring age-appropriate Baby Boomers Singles together to meet for fun,
for romance and to make new friends while having fun doing it!

Our events include singles cocktail parties, after work get-togethers, weekend parties,
social networking events, dances at upscale clubs, dining-out events, charity events
and mix and mingle type of events in a comfortable age-appropriate environment!

So give a visit to the site. I found out about it when someone from the site posted a comment on my bloggingforboomers site.  If anyone else has some experiance with it please give a review.


Dara Torres-Olympic Winner Has Shared A Powerful Lesson

DaraTorres his a nine time Olympic meadalist who teaches us all to keep swimming in life. The New York Times said that she is getting older and swimming faster!

Are we doing the same thing in our business, new endeavers and life itself?  Are we getting older but learning faster, loving more and sharing more and more of  our wisdom and experiances?

Just a thought…

Do You Want To Become a Better Blogger?

If you want to become a better blogger it is best to not only practice but learn from blogging professionals like the folks at Become a Better Blogger.

These folks have the best series of videos for FREE that I have seen in a long time. So go check it out when you get a chance. It is Boomer friendly, meaning the material is full of information, not insulting and easy to understand for baby boomers who may still be technically shy. I hope that makes sense. But it is an awesome resource.