10 Part Time Home Based Jobs Great For Retirees or Just Plain Hustle

The AOL Career section has a great piece on part time jobs you can do from home. I think this is great news in this economy and for those baby boomers who are retired or just need extra income.

In addition, it is great information for anyone between jobs.

You can check out the part time home based jobs here with resource information.

25 Safe, Free and Useful Downloads

Yes, there are still some things that are free, safe and useful you can download to your computer. Take time to read each section from AOL Switched’s valuable post. Keep a pen next you you. 

Read about those safe, free and useful downloads here.

How to Avoid Distractions at Work and Accomplish More

 Read some of the sage advice of a long time coach if you are finding yourself distracted at work. This great advice is also an eye opener for folks working at  home.

 By: Natalie Gahrmann

Communication technologies were supposed to make working lives run more smoothly but actually prevent people from getting critical tasks accomplished. Interruptions consume 28 percent of the average work day — roughly $650 billion each year. Overall satisfaction for completing a job well is reduced because of distractions and interruptions, causing frustration, anger and stress. It can even take a toll on quality relationships. Continue reading “How to Avoid Distractions at Work and Accomplish More”

Baby Boomers Need To Learn About Online Security

Online security is something every baby boomer should know about. We do not have to be a geek, techi or 13 years old to know about internet security.

I will be posting a series on internet security and scams for the next few days. This material is from newsfeed on AOL believe it or not! You may disagree with some of it and that’s healthy but keep an open mind for learning. Some of you will really get mad when they bad mouth Internet Explorer but hang in there and LEARN.

Cheryl Benton, Marketing Professional and Women’s Newsletter Publisher

  – By: Greg Brown,

I was substitute teaching, because there was such a glut of English teachers. I was there until the end of the school year, and I thought, “I’ll have to go back to substituting in the fall.” I thought, “I’ll get some kind of summer job.” But, if you told businesses you were going back to teaching in the fall, they wouldn’t pay anything. Continue reading “Cheryl Benton, Marketing Professional and Women’s Newsletter Publisher”

More To Google Than Just A Simple Search-Pt. 1

There is more to Google than just the excellent search feature. I thought I would spend a few posts probing a wee bit deeper into some things that I am, with much surprise, discovering.

One of my very favorate sites within google Blogsearch. Now, I send everyone here when I am coaching someone by phone or in person. Why? Because reluctant new bloggers who are just getting started need to connect to a passion point. Many are still stuck on the things they heard about blogging that was negative. So I suggest they go to Google Blogsearch to look for blogs that relate to one of their passions. So go there now and play.


Looking For A Mommy Blog That Targets Parents?

Are you looking for a mommy blog that targets parents, written by parents, and well written? Well I came accross a group of innovative and powerful women mommy bloggers.  As you know, I  love posting information from the ABOUT section section of blogs so read their statement below.

The Silicon Valley Moms Group is a collaborative community of Bloggers that operates blogs around the country. Our sites showcase the ups, downs, outrages, struggles, victories, and the everyday humor of motherhood. Our approximately 200 writers are working moms, stay at home moms (SAHM), city moms, suburban moms, rural moms–but, most of all, they are opinionated moms.

Now hold on for the really exciting part. This group is an organized composite of nine(9) blogs. This is a gold mine for advertisers, service providers and anyone wanting to target market to parents.

The nine sites are listed below for your review.

I am convinced this is just the beginning of a powerful consortium of women who are making a difference!

PS Note that one of the blogs is specific for moms who are over 50!!!! How cool is that? (Ok, I admit sometimes they may not feel cool-if you know what I mean)