Is Baking Your Passion? Eating Good Baked Items Your Passion?

If cooking or eating good, oops I mean great food is your passion then you simply must visit Cooking With Deney.

Ok, let me back up a bit. I went to Beverly Mahone’s blogtalk radio show today. After listening to a great show, I decided to see what I missed last week. It was all about starting your home-based bakery. Now, it just so happens that I know a lot of great cooks. Sometimes I use my imagination and pretend but more often I am on the eating side.

It was awesome to hear a baby boomer who is still doing, teaching and empowering others like Denay. Her site provides opportunities to learn in person, private or online. In addition, she has a place to ask questions. Yes, I asked about my hairdresser who has a great Chile dish  and wants to market it.

She also has a blog where you  can get even more insight into her cooking, philosophy etc. I especially liked what she had to say about the Food TV Network.

So visit when you get a chance. I am going back. Thanks Denay!

PS You must meet a personal friend of mine, named Chef Jesse!

I do believe when I can afford it I want you to do the baking and Chef Jesse  to do the cooking as a meals on wheels for folks sick and shut in and seniors I know. It is one of my dreams.

Baby Boomer-Too Old To Learn The Guitar?

Are you too old to learn the guitar? I am ashamed to say that for a nano second I thought my husband was too old for the guitar. NO WAY. I WAS HAVING AN AARP MOMENT.  We are convinced that you are not too old to be creative, to learn to share your learning.

Sure he has been the main person who has taught me about creativity. Probably because he is an Artist, Teacher and Carpenter I am always amazed at how much he knows. So why was I amazed that he wanted to learn the guitar for that crazy nano second? Probably fell into the trap that so many fall into of believing the lie about age and new opportunities.

So once he decided to learn the guitar we put up a  blog called Midlife Guitar to be a place where he could keep things we come across related to the guitar. Meanwhile, dispite his insane schedule he still practices and promises that he will soon play the blues for me. And when he does that I will sing!!!! Do I sing the blues now? Nope, but sure can learn.

So this is somewhat of a ramble inspired by an article I read by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker about aging and creativity. But tell me, all that are reading this, are you learning something new and creative?

Wanted-Stories For Cookbook Just For Dads Who Can’t Cook In Time For Fathers Day!

A special blogging boomer buddy is doing a cookbook! Betty Lynch, the blogging genius behind My Country Kitchen, is looking for writers. Please read and circulate the request below. Thanks

My Country Kitchen is desperately in need of your help!!  I’m writing a cookbook for the 99 Series.  This cookbook is for DADS who don’t know how to cook, but want to spend valuable time with their children.  Food is an awesome way to spend quality time together.  I want to add stories about Dads and kids cooking together in the kitchen.  It can be funny, kitchen disasters, or inspirational stories of what went on with Dad and kids in the kitchen.  If your story is selected to be in the cookbook, we will put your name and website address with your story in the cookbook in hopes to give you some exposure.  Please email me at  I need these stories as soon as possible.  Our goal is to have this cookbook out by Father’s Day, 2009.

Hot New Presentation Skills Blog

There is a hot and new presentation skills blog called Points for Presenters. The focus is on presentation tips for internet marketers. The unique thing is all the points start with a “P”.

It will be interesting to see how much content written will begin with that letter. What a challenge! Ok, here is a secret for you. It is one of my sites. So please visit and leave other helpful tips.

Joe The Plumber-Impact On Internet Marketing

The term Joe The Plumber certainly has made an impact on internet marketing after the debate on Oct. 15, 2008. Well, for starters my hubby said, “Hey did you check to see if somone owned the domain name?” Then I googled the name of the site like so many other folks, and noticed all the Google ads that popped up. That means folks are searching. Also, note that many variations of the name have been purchased, like “Joe the Plummer”.

It makes a good point about trends and the impact on marketing on the internet. So enjoy this post that was made on one of the most prominent blogs in the world. (You guessed it, Huffington Post)

Ironbound Newark’s Blog A Powerful Example of Community Blogging

Ironbound Newark has a blog. It is a powerful example of what a community can do to stay in touch, inform and empower. Kudos to them. Thier mission statement below says it all:

Our mission is provide accurate data to Newark residents and the world about our little neighborhood. We are constantly making this website better. We do apologize for the lack of posts in the last several years. We are now more committed than ever before to providing you with Ironbound news, reviews, views, and event coverage.

An example of excellent posts that make a difference can be seen in the coverage related to the unfair closing of a local hospital.

In my opinion this is one of the powerful uses of blogging! Keep up the great work. It is one of my personal goals to help other communities and organizations blog powerful messages. I encourage all baby boomers who blog to get involved and help our communities find a voice to shout their messages.

Do You Know A Church Ministry That Needs A Blog Design?

If you know a church ministry that needs a blog design then please check out E Grace Creative. They have a free and low cost design specific for church ministries that captures everything from events to sermons. In addition, the designer stands by his design with quick and helpful support when you need it. He will not leave you stranded trying to figure it all out.

The design is just right for a WordPress platform and the designer can provide whatever support your ministry may need to get up and stay running. Are you still wondering if a blog can be helpful for your church ministry? Well, let me know and we can discuss it further. Shoot me an email at rosie (at)rosiehorner dot com.

Note: I put the email that way to reduce the electronic bad robots from grabbing it.(smile)

So go and check out that ministry specific wordpress design.

Becoming A Caregiver

As baby boomers many of us are care givers for family members. This is an insightful article from James O. Armstrong.

Following is part one of an interview with Phyllis Slater, owner of Slater Solutions LLC.  Ms. Slater has devoted years to providing coaching and concierge services to the working caregiver and aging parent.  Visit Phyllis Slater’s website at

Q. Why did you become a caregiver?

A. At 23 years of age my first husband became ill at the same time I became pregnant. I was to become a caregiver to two people.  This challenge has made me sensitive to the stress of being a caregiver. There was a limited support system available at that time. Today, the best support systems are for those who are low income.

Q. Where does a person go to become a caregiver?

A. Check with the Area Agency on Aging or government aging services. They can provide information about which jobs require certification, bonding, and extensive training.  Non-medical in-home care requires very little schooling.

Q. Are there classes that people take?

A. Colleges offer courses for a variety of caregiving careers. Hospitals have their classes and requirements. The Internet is a great source of research for this. However, decide what area you would enjoy working in and contact the appropriate companies in that field to see what they require.

Check out Center for Caregiver Training at And, there is Educational Resources for the Family and Professional Caregiver at I have never used them, so it would be up to individuals to learn more.

Q. What is the income for the professional caregiver?

A. It depends on the field of caregiving that is desired.  An in-home care worker earns between $15 to $21 dollars an hour.  Many times they work for a client only four hours a day or once a week.  In-home care companies usually do not provide health coverage but pay for the bonding and background checks.  Each state has a different law about this.  Naturally, an insurance specialist, lawyer, and financial planner can earn whatever the market allows.

Q. Where can a family caregiver get funds to pay for professional services?

A. From…
* Family
* Medicare
* Medicaid
* Reverse Mortgages
* Long Term Care Insurance
* Financial Planning

Some Senior Centers have volunteers to assist with non-medical care.

Q. Tell us about you.

A. Eight years ago, I left 25 years of working as an administrative assistant and word processor for Human Resources, to start my own business. I was concerned about the challenges of the working caregiver generation. They will face situations our parents did not.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a vision challenge that to date has no cure and am considered legally blind. To date I remain independent and able to assist others outside of the home. However, planning for the future, I had adjusted how to assist others by offering on-line support 24/7 anywhere in the United States.

The key is to face reality and make changes before needing to. I refuse to give up my passion to make life easier for the working caregiver and praise their efforts. My first step was to write a book [CALMING THE CHAOS: Life Raft for the Working Caregiver] to be used as a tool only. It talks about all the information you will learn during this interview in an easy to read, large print guide. Once a caregiver understands what services to look for and why, the next step is finding a professional caregiver.