Practical Gifts To Help During Grief That Baby Boomers Can Teach Younger Generations

Many Baby Boomers Come With Experience With Death and Dying

I personally find that baby boomers and seniors are the true experts on how to deal with death and dying. My father in law just passed the day after Christmas. I am reviewing, once again, the practical things that must be done before and after the funeral. Once you are in the midst of the emotional pain you are reminded of the sensitive issues.

Often, I try to provide support in practical ways. Yet, as I get older it sure would be helpful to have someone half my age working along side me, or running errands that can help the person going through grief.

I actually find solace in the details at times. Yet, the practical things must be shared with our younger generations. For example, prior to going out of town I received two calls from members of my church offering to check in on my mom. That was a comfort. There were several practical helps offered or provided.

 Some folks help clean,cook or write out cards. But whatever, is done before and after is often learned via experiances.  I have learned that what is done for me is what I should try to do for others. Sometimes those things are small but powerful.

Yet, I am distressed at how much our younger generation does not share in this process. Many just don’t know because they were omitted from the process or just did not have time. Why?

During the holidays it seems that one of the most practical things we can do is to share how to give to others during times of grief and despair. Many are hurting when they reflect on their losses. How can we help?How do we teach our children and their children to help?

So please share your practical tips. Those things we should also teach our our younger generation.

Baby Boomers-What Are Your Caregiver Survival Tips

More and more baby boomers are now providing care to their parents or other loved ones. Yet, we often neglect ourselves. As I got my mind into mental preparation for the holiday I am faced including the routine duties of providing care to my mom. As the only child I have resigned myself to just getting the job done.

Yet, today as I included additional tasks like taking stool samples to the testing lab, picking up her medicine, trying to decide when I would bake holiday cookies and locking in a time to pick up my own medicine I turned to humor as a survival mechanism.

When I went to the lab for additional instructions, and hoping she would allow me to unload the two days worth of samples I had already taken, I gave the technician a Hersey chocolate. I told her that this would be a reminder of my sample dropoff scheduled for the next day. I then joked about providing stool collection samples for caregivers. I said, “I only knew about using double gloves from CSI,” We both laughed and I left to complete more errands before I went shopping, return home to pick up my purse with the drivers license I forgot, grap a sandwich and write this quick post before I am off again. (Who said this was a vacation day?)

The laughter and prior prayer for help was part of my survival. If I did not do it I just knew I would be destined to spend time in some facility until my insurance kicked me out. Of course I am not going into all the related details leading up to the stool samples nor the final exciting process of collecting them in tnose vials. Thank goodness I did not have one with the white top that needed refrigeration.

But my point is I am not alone. Many baby boomers are finding ways of coping with caregiving even if they have other folks to help in the process. So please share them as a comment to this post. It not only will help me but I am just sure it will help someone else.

Stories are also welcomed.

Meanwhile, have a blessed Holiday season. I really do hope I can squeeze in a Zumba class after I see my mom this evening.  But I did say I was baking tonight or should I clean. I also need to cook meals for mom and home. etc, etc  Better to blog, Ha~Who knows got to stay flexible. I guess she had to when raising me.

Don’t forget to leave your survivial tips.

Baby Boomers Are Becoming Experts in Change Because We Still Dream-Join The Boomster Contest

Keep Dreaming!



Baby boomers are making changes. Often those changes are by choice or forced. By experience alone we are becoming experts in change.  Those changes include lifestyle, career,physical hobby, and other unique changes.

Yet, I am convinced that we are only able to do this because we still hold on to our dreams. We refuse to let go despite the many adaptations we learn to do. Actually those dreams can give us purpose and a way to deal with unwanted changes. I like to call it HOPE. 

Recently I was in the doctors office awaiting a report. I decided after putting a prayer in, to reflect on one of my dreams. Would I give that dream up? Or would I keep going but with adaptations. I knew that I would try with all my might not to stop having hope that my dreams would come true.

Ok, I admit that there are times that I want depression to win in bursting that dream bubble. “Why not just give up”, says an unfriendly voice. Or it may even come from someone you like or love. Ha, you just never know. But if you listen closely there will always be a voice of encouragement. Sometimes it may be just reading about a baby boomer who is talking about a dream that came true. Or it may be something simple like a loved one not having pain that day.

Well one of the premier social networking sites, is running a “one of a kind” contest that involves our dreams until March, 15, 2009.

So go check it out and join the contest today!

May all your dreams come true.

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12 Insightful Health Blogs for/and or by Baby Boomers

 Health is one of the main concerns of baby boomers. We are concerned about the health of our children, parents and finally ourselves. I feel that our concern for ourselves is critical if we are to help others. As a long time Community Health Educator I was excited about compiling this list. And as a caregiver and baby boomer I know that it is important to have resources that speak directly to the needs of baby boomers.

Of course not all the blogs in blog world are listed in this little list. This is just a way of “priming the pump.” (Getting the water to flow) The list is limited to baby boomer authors or sites directed to baby boomers. Note also, that all the blogs in this list are by real people.  Many sites were omitted from my list although they were directed to baby boomers because they  did not have an ABOUT page or information about the authors.

If any sites are included without an ABOUT page it is because I knew the author to be a live person not a robot or sales machine.

Please tell me about other blogs that are by or written for baby boomers. I hope the resources are helpful to you.

Thanks so much.

 1. Great Adaptations

A blog on brain health by Suzanna B. Stinnett who states:

I focus on brain fitness and the power of our imagination because these are the things I relate to the most. After all, how can we innovate if our brains quit working? This is my way of keeping my community fit and engaged for the promising world I believe is now unfolding.

2. Midlife With A Vengeance

The author,Gregory Anne Cox was one of the early female graduates of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. She spent 20+ years in the hospitality industry, and cooked privately for many of the country’s rich and famous. Reviews of her culinary efforts have appeared in The New York Times, Gourmet, and The San Diego Union Tribune among others. While in San Diego, Gregory helped develop and expand the first heart healthy, fresh, quick food restaurant called Daily’s Fit & Fresh.

The tag line of her site says: All a Woman Needs to Stay ,Fit, Healthy, Sassy and Sane.

3. Archer Fit Press

Archer Pam says:  My intent and purpose of this page is to share health and fitness information with you in a real and personal way.  I have been a fitness professional, personal trainer, and instructor for nearly two decades.  I draw from my own experence and research to write a column for our local newspaper on health and fitness. 

Personal Note: She inspired me to take Zumba classes from her writings and interview I had with her which is listed on this site.

4. Peace With PTSD

Peace with PTSD” is authored by baby boomerLady Spirit Moon Cerelli, Author, Speaker and Workshop Presenter, to assist those with PTSD, and other stress-related behavior disorders, find a comfortable place to inquire about the information available on PTSD.

5. Menapause Mama

The blog is authored by journalist, author and talks show host, Beverly Mahone. She is also the founder of Boomer Diva Nation.

6. The Breast Diva

A blog authored by baby boomer, Debbie Mormino. She promotes and shares the message of good breast health.

7. Happy Nutritionist‘s Nuggets and Happy Nutritionist

are both authored by baby boomer Claudia L. Meydrech, CN .She states: “I have been helping people find health through nutrition for over 22 years.  After attending college, and a few years learning and teaching others about medicinal herbs, I continued my education and received my CN designation (Certified Nutritionist)…”

8. Healthy Aging For Women

“… educating my patients is what I do – it’s a guiding principal to my practice. After all, it’s not my body, but yours. It’s up to each of us to take the advice we are given,
evaluate it and make the best choice for ourselves.
Our providers are merely our guides.”
Barbara C. Phillips, MN, NP
Family & Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

9. The Caregiver

This is just one of a series of sites by Bob DeMarco. Be sure to visit all the sites he has providing information to any baby boomer currently providing care to their parents or other relatives.

10. Manopause

Providing Midlife Men a Place to Breathe

11. Trisha Torrey

  Trisha provides patient empowerment, advocacy, medical consumerism and tools to navigate the dysfunction of American health care.

12. The 45 Year Old 6 Pack

Just looking at the catergories  tell the rest of the story. They include:
# Exercise Guidance
# Nutrition Basics
# Flat Belly Recipes
# Fat Loss Tips
# Healthy Habits
# Inspiratio

10 Baby Boomer Woman Blogs That Make You Feel Good to be a Baby Boomer Woman

There are, believe it or not, a large number of baby boomer women blogging. Don’t be surprised because we have a lot to say that makes sense, saves sanity and makes you smile. This post only deals with a few blogs that are by and for women that make you laugh, feel good and think at the same time.  Baby boomers are true experts at doing that type of multi-tasking.

So visit these sites, post a comment or two and let me know who I missed.

Women Over 40 Rock!

The In the Trenches Productions Entertainment Website Celebrates
the Power and Beauty of Women Over 40

Live Peace and Passion

Everyday news and interests from people who live peaceful, yet passionate lives

Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights

Inspiration, laughs, and lowdown for a cool rest of your life.
This blog complements HOT FLASHBACKS, COOL INSIGHTS by Joyce Mason, her upcoming memoir.
It’s an online community that celebrates the idea: “Boom is the sound the ‘baby’ generation makes when it explodes the old Old”

Fiesty Side of Fifty

The auther states:

“My personal mission is to reach as many of my gender and generation as possible to celebrate our remarkable history, our awe-inspiring futures, and just plain hoot and holler as only the menopausal can. We gals have overcome some pretty formidable challenges and we’re not going to let a few wrinkles stop us now.”

Baby Boomer Bev

Baby Boomer Talk & other stuff provides useful information for middle aged women.

Home Spun Highlights

Stories to make you smile

Midlife’s a Trip!

A midlife coach who says “Enjoy the Ride”

A Year to 50

Read all about this 49 year old female baby boomer’s ups and downs,
opportunities and fears, as she captures and shares her feelings and experiences on the days
 and weeks leading up to the big 5-0.

Angela Betts

Jam with the music that will perk you up right away so turn down the speakers.

Countdown to 50

Countdown to the world’s largest virtual birthday party

Stay tuned for more list categories.

But for now check these out! Feel free to share even more cause it is a big boomer world out there.

Humorous Reality is This Blog Really Funny?

Humorous Reality is all about becoming successful at work. And yes, the blogging team, Harry Humorous and Lisa, serve a full meal of dynamic information garnished with humor. Both bloggers are very serious and accomplished professionals who know their stuff.

Read just a little from the comprehensive ABOUT page about each blogger.

Kevin Thompson (Harry Humorous) is the managing principal of Inspired Communication LLC, a Human Resource consulting firm headquartered in Keyport, NJ.

Kevin is an author and eight time award winning professional speaker honored by an international organization. He is passionate about helping people just like you unleash their hidden greatness, develop their gifts, talents and use them to be successful at work.

A Six Sigma Black Belt in Process Improvement, Graduate of Rutgers University with a Masters in Public Administration and an undergraduate degree from Tufts University, he was inducted into the National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration.

As a consultant and trainer Kevin has trained and coached scores of business professionals from executive to entry level staffing in: Customer Service, Project Management, Executive Strategic Coaching, Networking, Recruiting and Interview strategies, Career Transition Coaching.

Leisa Douglas (Rita Reality) is the managing principal of The Douglas Group, a Human Resource consulting firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

As a Human Resource consultant, professional speaker trainer, career coach, and life coach, Leisa assists businesses with a variety of Human Resource related needs. Leisa assists her clients on: Recruiting and Interview strategies, Exit Interviews and other Human Resource related matters such as employee handbooks and diversity surveys. Leisa also helps individuals with finding the right careers to help them step into their greatness by offering coaching in the following areas:

Career, Transition & Executive Coaching returning to the workplace, Life coaching for individuals wanting to stretch into their purpose, building self-esteem and confidence to achieve their highest potential.

As a consultant, Leisa facilitates numerous trainings: Diversity Training, Time Management, Stress and Emotions in the workplace.

When you go to this blog you are engaged by funny cartoons in each post. This compliments the blog theme and highlights the comfortable navigation of the site.

What I also like about the site is that the design provides an opportunity to share, on the front page, what the site is all about. This makes me want to go beyond the cartoons to get to more of the meaty substance.

Many of us dream of being successful at work but are unsure how to make this dream reality. At Humorous Reality our focus is helping you develop a successful work life and culture in your office and organization.

We accomplish this by helping you realize this dream with a little humor while keeping it real. It is this selective mixture of humor and reality which allows you, co-workers and direct reports to embrace, understand, and implement strategies developing into a more highly engaged and productive workforce.

Harry Humorous and Rita Reality work together in a cartoon format on this blog to deliver timely information and content that you can use now.

One of my favorate posts is on Listening. Which is also one of my passionate topics. They provide eight(8) clear strategies to improve your listening skills.  An must in any job situation. In addition I was impressed with the opportunity to include my Twitter Id. I need to add it to this site as well.

I think that they could benefit from a separate page on the site for meeting planners who want to know their training and speaking details. As well as anyone needing personal coaching. The current economic situation in the US makes the skill set of the authors in more demand beyond the blogging platform. In additon, I wanted to see what product offerings they had available.

So, thanks to the authors of this blog that both educates as well as entertain. Go visit and be sure to laugh a bit as well and soak in the cutting edge content presented by two great professionals.