BackType-Search Your Old Blog Comments

BackType is a site that allows you to search for old comments made by you on blog posts. I found out about it only this morning when I saw a google alert. I have also seen a comment, made on a blog about this site,  where one blogger felt this new site was Google Alert on steroids.

What Does The About Page Say?

The ABOUT page on the site says:

BackType is a service that lets you find, follow and share comments from across the web. Whenever you fill out the “Website” or “URL” field in a comment form when you publish a comment on a blog or other website, BackType attributes it to you. We give comment authors a profile featuring all the comments they’ve written on the Internet. If you don’t have a website to use when you fill out comment forms, sign up and use one of ours.

So What? How Will Baby Boomers Benefit?

This baby boomer has found several cool benefits that evolve out of their innovative features.

  • You will be able to get alerts on any blog post you made whenever a COMMENT has been made to your post. This alert will be sent directly to your mail box. You just need to use the SUBSCRIPTION feature.  Of course, you probably have your blog settings so that you are already notified of comments. But here you can moniter ALL the comments via RSS feeds.  So when I finish and publish this post I will submit the url to this post.
  • You can submit a post url to some hot discussion you read on a blog by using the CONNECT feature.  Even if you did not make a comment you can check out what other people are saying on places like , Friendfeed, Blogger, Twitter, etc. Imagine reviewing posts on politics, sports and other issues. Did someone say what you meant to say but because you did not want anyone to know what you were thinking just did not say it.
  • Just like Google Alerts, you can moniter conversations related  to your brand or any term you want to stay informed about. But According to the site authors,  BackType is the only site that will follow mentions in BLOG COMMENTS.
  • Twtter like follow on comments you make. What I mean is, just like Twitter, when you click on the PEOPLE tab you are able to follow other folks and they can follow your comments. Right now the person with the highest number of followers is super blogger Chris Brogan. It becomes another social network just for your blog comments.


I set up an account for Blogging Betty Boomer. She(I) have a Twitter ID with that name and entered that information also. I also began to follow some folks who don’t have a lot or any folks following them. I noticed, as I keyed in some names, that some folks show up with different websites and names they have used to make comments.
Yes, you do not have to use your real name. But what ever name you often use to make comments on sites and the associated website.

I will probably go back and do accounts for names I often use, like my real name. But, for now I will play and learn. I also realized how many sites I need a presence in besides Facebook. They provide a way to import all the comments you have made on sites like Vox, Friendfeed and 11 other sites. How cool. Some I am on with my real name but imagine having a presence with your branded name as well as with your regular name. Or, if you are involved in a non-profit you can establish a presence in these sites and do relevant comment tracking. Umm

It seems to be fun and useful so join me in this exploration. Remember, we babyboomers must always be willing to learn something new. Funny, I just wrote that on a new site I put up based on one of my key notes, My Best Is Yet To Come.

Oh, you can also follow the genius authors individually as well as by site name on Twitter.

If anyone has other comments please share them.
But remember to join  BackType first so you can start tracking those comments.

Wii Fit, Zumba, Now Pole Dancing?

Iwas first introduced to Zumba, virtually by Pam. One of my in-laws  told me about Wii fitness. I am saving for that one.  The bottom line is FITNESS! Moving this body.

Baby Boomer Pam has a great site on fitness. I saw this recent post on Pole Dancing and wanted to share it. I decided that it would be great fun and if I do it I will be sure that the pole is secure and ground is padded.

Enjoy this insightful post.

How You Can Help Someone Get A Job With Only 60 Seconds Of Your Time

You can help someone get a job using only 60 seconds of your time. . How? Just cut and paste the text below into your email signiture for a few days. It will only take about 60 seconds to do that. Now, I am not a betting woman, but I am convinced that someone just might get a job when they go to this resource page. Who knows, it is worth a try.

So donate a little real estate space on your email signature line for, let’s say three days and see if YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

P.S.  If you or someone you know is looking for a job, check out the Help Wanted section at Boomer Diva Nation:

Interesting Sales Statistics And Great House Opportunity!

Here are some interesting sales  statistics and great house purchase opportunity from James Armstrong.

It’s Back to Basics

James O. Armstrong

Perhaps not surprisingly, some sales today are rising out of sheer necessity, like buying food, clothing and shelter.  In fact, men and women today are in the midst of a significant re-ordering of their priorities back to the basics.

For example, the basic necessities of life at “everyday low prices,” has clearly accounted for Wal-Mart Stores’ 7.2% sales increase during fiscal year 2008 to $401.244 billion.  In addition, operating income was also up by 3.0% to $13.254 billion.  In fact, “Wal-Mart recorded the strongest sales result in its history in the fourth quarter, with $108 billion in sales,” said Mike Duke, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. president and chief executive officer.  He concluded with this statement “We achieved this through the hard work of our associates, helping our customers save money so they can live better.”

Nor was Wal-Mart the only major player achieving some success recently, although this company has certainly been a standout exception in general in the current global recession.  Still another excellent example of swimming upstream in the current global economy would have to be AutoZone, which recently reported its fiscal 2nd quarter profit rose 8.6%, as its sales were lifted by cost-conscious customers who have decided to repair their aging cars instead of buying a new one.

For the quarter ended February 14, 2009, the largest US auto-parts retailer by sales reported net income of $115.9 million, or $2.03 a share, up from a year ago.  As gas prices dropped last year, parts retailers started to see gains.  Two weeks ago, the company’s key competitor, Advanced Auto Parts, projected a double-digit commercial same-store-sales growth projection for 2009.  (Source:  The Wall St. Journal, March 4, 2009).

Oak Brook, IL based McDonald’s Corporation has also seen Americans flocking to their stores for a cheaper mealtime alternative.  Because this great company has been making many “right decisions” on a global basis, its same-store sales world-wide increased 5.4%.  In fact, US same-stores sales have actually increased by 6.8% (Source:  The Wall St. Journal, March 10, 2009).  Overall, McDonald’s has been on a roll since 2003, when it chose to halt its rapid expansion in favor of other back to basic strategies, which have collectively worked.

It also may surprise you to learn that Discover, the sixth-largest credit card issuer, actually saw its earnings jump +57% in the past fiscal year at a time when AmEX declined 34% and Capital One even experienced a $46 million loss.  At a time of problems in the mortgage market, Discover had earlier flagged borrowers with two home loans, keeping their credit limits low, for example (Source:  BusinessWeek, February 23, 2009).  Discover also wanted to grow itself internationally and last summer picked up Diners Club, which is accepted in 185 countries, from Citigroup Management. In a tough economy, a basic credit card, which simply gets the job done, works just fine.

Finally, even on the housing front for some of my fellow baby boomers, it may be back to the basics for a housing solution to take care of an aging parent or two.  Instead of sending Mom or Dad off to an assisted living facility or perhaps a nursing home, some baby boomers are today choosing a house in the next chapter of their life with Mom or Dad in mind.  Specifically, they may also be pooling assets/incomes in order to buy their next home together.  In this way, for a spouse who stays at home or for someone with a home-office based company, you can literally see Mom or Dad every day or even multiple times throughout the day.

Of course, this “new” approach actually represents a solution from an earlier generation in America, where three generations or more of a given family used to sometimes live together under the same roof.

In fact, the Armstrong-Roush family owns a home and property right now just exactly like what I just described, where our family has lived successfully together over the past 12 years, initially with both of my wife’s parents and more recently with just my mother-in-law after the death of my wife’s father.  And, right now, our great home with approximately 5,600 square feet on one floor located on a heavily-wooded property, which includes a one-acre pond and a four-horse barn in McHenry County, Illinois, is FOR SALE.

While every family, even pooling their assets together, may not qualify to purchase this home, for someone in the Greater Chicago area, who either works in Downtown Chicago or even in Downtown Milwaukee or perhaps in the suburbs of one of these great cities, here is one more option to investigate.  Information on our little “piece of heaven” can be accessed here:

In a word, it’s back to the basics for all of us, as we investigate new approaches and new ways of doing things in today’s challenging economic times in the United States and around the world.


James O. Armstrong, who serves as Editor and President of, <a href=”“></a>, which is The Resource for Job Transitions over 40, also wrote “Now What:  Discovering Your New Life and Career after 50.”  In addition, he is the Cofounder with his wife of Armstrong Solutions Inc., <a href=”“></a>, which is a Counseling, Coaching and Career Management Practice with a reduced fee schedule to expand their services to a larger group of men and women with needs.  Armstrong also serves as President of James Armstrong & Associates, Inc., which is a national and international media representation firm serving Central US and Canada out of his Suburban Chicago base.

Companies Who Hire You To Work From

Ready to work from home? Save commuting costs, dressing up and office politics?  Need something that does not ask your age but trust your expertise? Well maybe working from home might be a realistic alternative for you.

To start this series I wanted to review a site called Hire My Mom.

This site is web-based job service designed especially for professional working mothers. They hire virtual assistants and professional bloggers.

Let’s take a quick look at the founder of this innovative service. This information is directly from thier ABOUT PAGE

About Lesley Spencer Pyle

Lesley Spencer Pyle started the national association of Home-Based Working Moms in 1995 after having her first child. Her passion is to help other moms find work at home success. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from the University of Stirling in Scotland and a BA Summa Cum Laude in Journalism / Public Relations from Texas State University. Pyle has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Home Office Computing, Parenting, Business Start-Ups, Dr. Laura’s Perspectives, Family PC and many others. She was recently selected as a monthly columnist for Pyle has been working from home for over 12 years. She is married with three children of her own and one “inherited” daughter by marriage.

You are required to join the company via a membership fee per quarter or save if you join annually. It is also required that you have at least 1-2 years experiance in your field of expertise.

So go check it out, consider joining and share with others who may benefit.

Do You Hate The “R” Word?

Here is a short note I received from a friend of mine, and baby boomer real estate attorney in New Jersey.  She hates the “R” word. She also offers a service to help others recover from the use of that word.

Any time someone starts talking about these tough economic times and the “R” word  (recession) comes up, I reply that “I am not participating in the recession.”  A great way to not participate is by reducing and/or eliminating household debt. 
If I could help you substantially shorten the time to pay off your mortgage and/or other consumer debt (e.g., car notes, credit cards, etc.), would you let me show how much you can save in time and money?
To see how much time and money you could save, please check out my website below and click on Free Money Merge Account Analysis.  The analysis is confidential.
Abundantly Free 
If you have questions or need help completing the analysis, please e-mail me and let me know the best time to contact you.  I look forward to helping you not participate in the recession by reducing and/or eliminating debt with the income you currently have.
Lisa Richardson
Exceeding Abundantly Above All, Inc.
P.S. If you or someone you know has a small or home based business the following website provides an introduction to a package of business tools to help grow and manage the business.

Abundantly Free Business Tools

A Unique Video Strategy In The Midst Of Opinionated Posts

I stumbled upon a really cool baby boomer blog while participating in a discussion on videos on your blog. The blog is AskCherlock.

The insightful and opinionated blog authors started the site in March 2008.  He is Fiscal Analyst and small business ownerand she is a  Licensed Private Detective. Both of them are  from Pittsburgh, PA.

Their blog mission is to provide: Boomer Thought Mode-Politics-Opinions-Life Issues-Impact.  They are, after reading several of their posts, successful with each post.

But then in the midst of the thoughtful posts is a page with a single video. Their love of music provides a fresh new video every week. How cool

 Check out the music video for this week.

But play it twice while you glean some of the very interesting posts from two baby boomers with a lot to say. Be sure to make your comments.

Attention Baby Boomers With Blogs-New Database Available

New baby  boomer database is now available. Still in early stages so the time is now to submit your site. Read the details below:

Extend and Expand Your Reach to the Baby Boomer Generation: Submit Your URL for a Free Listing in Knowledge [ba²se]™
Publishers of blogs and websites targeted to baby boomers to be listed in a Google Custom Search Engine, created by the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™. Extend and expand your reach to over 78 million Baby Boomers in America and over 300 million worldwide? submit your URL for a free listing in Knowledge [ba²se]™.
If you or your organization publishes a blog or website
·         about issues affecting the baby boomer generation,
·         sells products or offers services targeted to the 50+ mature marketplace,
·         or helps marketers reach and better serve baby boomers,
Then become part of hundreds of blogs and websites that are assisting baby boomers.
Knowledge [ba²se]™ is a custom search engine that offers users a custom-tailored “boomer search experience.” Built using Google’s core search engine technology, Knowledge [ba²se]™ prioritizes search results based on blogs, websites and pages that are relevant to the baby boomer generation.
Oftentimes searching the Internet for specific content can be a daunting task. And a time consuming one, too! Search queries like “active adult retirement communities,” “active adult living,” “eldercare,” “grandparenting,” “estate and retirement planning for baby boomers,” and “financial planning for baby boomers” to name but a few, will return so many results that it’ll make a boomer’s  head spin.
“Unlike other library or directory sites, Knowledge [ba²se]™ is not a collection of links posted on a web page,” said Martin Diano, publisher of the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™, the creator and curator of Knowledge [ba²se]™. “Our mission is to connect baby boomers to information – no matter how specialized or specific – as quickly as possible. Knowledge [ba²se]™ allows users to combine Google’s search algorithm to create a customized experience?thus making access to boomer-specific information across the web easier for users.”
Knowledge [ba²se]™ resides at the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™ . Publishers need only to submit their URL, by email, to   
The Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™ is a web destination for and about the Baby Boomer generation.

Boomer Rants

As many of you know a ‘rant’ is a particular type of blog post. It is simply a blogger giving their opinion about something.  I find some of them interesting and others tiresome. However, as baby boomers we have formed some serious opinions.

So, I am taking a chance with this series and opening it up for your Boomer Rants.

Yes, I will not post any with offensive language or any that offend a race or religion. With that in mind. What are your rants?

Just send them to me at rosiehorner(at)