Did You Get Your Unclaimed Property or Missing Money Yet?

Have you checked to see if you have unclaimed property held by your State? It really works. I checked the site, saw my name, submitted my paperwork and got the check in the mail. One more bill has been paid.

Sure, it was small but more than I had.  Here is the link to a site that you can check to see if friends or family. One day I found several folks names and notified them so they could put in their claim. So check for your name now.

Also, just read this article online about what happens if you DO NOT claim your property.

The “Fly Lady” Flew Into The Hearts of Boomer Women

A wonderful woman known as “The Fly Lady” gave, what appears to be, an awesome keynote at the Boomer Diva Nation retreat this month. I was not in attendance but from the look of the video over at Boomer Diva TV it was awesome. So go and listen to a short clip of the speech given by the Fly Lady. Be sure to post your comments. Oh, and while you are there check out some of the other awesome  videos.

Warning: Some of those videos might make you laugh.

The Dark Side of Social Networking

Have you ever seen the TVseries “Tales From The Darkside?” Well unfortunately there are some social networking tales from the darkside you might want to know about. Don’t get me wrong I teach social media, I use social media and like everything else something good can always be used for bad.

My goal is to make folks aware and use the power of social media not run away from it. I say that because some reading this may say, “See I told you not to mess with that stuff.” but social networking should be approached the same way we approach offline networking. You would not take your clothes off in front of a webcam just like you would not expose yourself, I hope, at a cocktail party.

So I decided to share some warnings and alerts that I have gathered for you. Read them and just be aware. Share any dark tales you may have that can help someone else.

9 Hidden Dangers of Social Networking

I simply adore the Dolans. They have, over the years, provided consistantly great financial advice, so when they speak I do listen.

So What Do IT Folks Think About the Darkside of Social Networking?

This post is interesting because it provides 2 slide shows sharing how to stay safe on social networks and places the IT folks use.


Social Network Dangers

Of course PC World stays on top of things. So this article has great merit.


Share more, please

Chef Jesse Therapy

The other day I attended a cooking class by Chef Jesse at the Adult School in Maplewood, NJ. This class was great therapy after a long hard work day. My brain was tired, feet were tired and just plain too much life drama.

I joined others who enjoyed watching and listening to Chef Jesse as he prepared a special meal while teaching us tips about sources, gravy, marinades and grape oil.

I did not know the other folks but when the class was over I felt that we should all do this every week at different homes. I think that if we met just one more session ,instead of one night, it would have happened.

Well, the meal was awesome so when I saw this annoucement about his upcoming radio broadcast with Joan Hamburg I just had to share it with all my readers.

Chef Jesse’s Pumpkin Bisque will be featured on ‘“The Joan Hamburg” Show” for recipe of the week, Wed Oct 28, Listen live @ 12:25 pm  for phone interview with Chef Jesse talking about the recipe and hints and tips for the home cook. Wor radio 710 HD AM

Please note that I simple love listening to Joan Hamburg. She is refreshingly honest and informative. It is going to be a great show.

Now, I plan to cook plenty of soups this winter. I am not a soup maker but hey, I’m a baby boomer and it will be part of my boomer therapy. Fun, fellowship and fantastic hips. (I mean slimmer hips)

Seriously, soups are a wonderful meal and warms up the bones. If you get a chance listen to Chef Jesse. I think he is probably the James Brown of the kitchen. My dream is to one day I will be able to afford him as a personal chef for my family , folks sick and shut in,and seniors who deserve great food but no longer cooking much.

Trust me Chef Jesse is great and later I will share more. But if you listen to the show let me know how you liked it.

You can follow Chef Jesse on Facebook.

Do Home Health Agencies Provide Free Flu Shots For Home Health Aides?

Do Home Health Care Agencies provide free flu shots for their Home Health Aides? I wondered about this question because many many Home Health Aides are underpaid but extensively needed to provide home care.  If they are sick their options for sick days are few. Some agencies just do not have the resources to provide paid sick days.

Yet, if they are sick and go to work anyway it is silmilar to the wattress or kitchen helper who may be sick but works anyway because they just cannot afford days off. The result can be a spread of infection to those they serve,

I firmly believe the the Home Health Aide should get as many perks as possible. So, if you know of a Home Health Care Agency in the US that gives perks like free flu shots or sick days please post a comment. They should be applauded and recognized.

In addition, many baby boomers are transiting to other careers. Many are looking into home health care as an option. It would be good to know where the good agencies are residing. When you think about it an agency that cares for it’s people will probably go out of the way to care for your loved one.

Smart Baby Boomer Women-Avoid These Health Mistakes

I just read this powerful article on the” 14 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make”. Now, since most of the folks reading this post are probably baby boomers or related to baby boomers I thought this article would be helpful.

I like it because it looks at some areas related to prevention we thought we knew but might have missed a step or two.  Personally, I know more about lead poisoning as it relates to men and children. Never knew the work done related to stroke risk and women.

Of course, this means I will research this point a bit more but the suggestion the authors make regarding running water is a bona fide good practice to reduce the lead content in your water. You can visit great sites like Be In The Know NJ for great resources on lead poisoning.

Meanwhile, check out this article published today on AOL regarding health mistakes many women may be making each day.

Gold is Going Up But What Does That Mean? Is it a Good Investment?

I just read an article about gold prices going up. Now, I am not an investor in gold but I wish I had placed some pension money in precious metals. I met a man who jumped out of the stock market a few years ago and placed his money in a company that traded gold.

But from the side of the tracks that is looking for money on short term I am encourging folks to take what ever gold you have no attachment with to dealers to flip it. Ok, I am not saying to turn over your engagement or wedding rings but that loose lonely earring that is missing a mate.

Stay informed on a business level with what is happening. To start read this factual article about gold prices and US economy.

Yet some feel that gold is it is still a very bad investment.

Read a commentary about gold as an investment game.

Finally listen to some great audio sessions about precious metals and the world economy.

Baby Boomer What Will You Say at Thanksgiving When…

Baby boomer what will you say Thanksgiving when someone at the table asks you, “Why in the world do you  hang out on that computer? ” “Don’t tell me you are also one of those folks that do the Twitter thing, Why??

Now, even if you are not planning to eat with anyone Thanksgiving Day someone is bound to be totally shocked that you, a baby boomer, does stuff like social networking, marketing etc on the computer.

So get ready, by sharing right now what and why you are doing on the computer. What makes you, that special baby boomer spend time on the computer?

Frankly, I hope to help serve food at my moms senior center. Then will sit down again with family.  I will probably bring the subject up about the mental sharpness you can  get with blogging.

I really want to teach seniors how to blog.