Relationships-What Happens When a Woman Does Not Appreciate Her Mate?-An Old Movie

There was a woman who did not appreciate her mate, relationship and family. She just did not want to grow older and did all she could to escape. Now, yes this is fiction but this old movie still has some biting relevance to the complexity of relationships. The interesting thing is how much her baby boomer husband knew about forgiveness.

I simply love old movies and was able to view and enjoy this one tonight while preparing for a blog training. So, I share it with you. Tell me what you think. The movie is called Dodsworth.

107 and Still Going Strong? A Baby Boomers Goal

Ok,  this baby boomer now has a serious goal, live long life and keep going strong. Of course this is rather unusual so yes, I am glad to live what ever life God grants me and live it to the fullest.

I just read this story about a woman who is 107 years old in Newark, NJ.  She is from Georgia, just like my mom. So, of course before I posted this I spoke to my 82 year old mom and shared the highlights. We all need encouraging.

I also hope that her senior housing complex has a full time social worker. They have been missing on a full time basis in Newark Housing complexes for a while now.  Caregiving families need the advice and support when trying to keep their loved one OUT OF a nursing home for as long as they can.

This woman does have good support with her grandchildren. And it is a good reminder to us all to talk with our families to share in the support needed in caregiving. Of course I read it wishing I had had children to help me in providing support for my mom. But God has been good and when I have strength and a great homemaker life can rock.

Read this encouraging story about a 107 year old woman living in Newark, NJ. Tell me what you think. I was encouraged. Also, encourage families to sacrifice some time to visit when they can. Remember baby boomers our time is coming. Ha!

The WordPress Wizard is Whipping out Another Wonderful Workshop

My friend and fellow baby boomer, The WordPress Wizard, Cathy Perkins is starting yet another workshop series. She is really, I mean really knows her stuff. I have learned a lot from her and still learning.

So listen now to her description of the workshop in her own words. It’s short and you can start it by clicking on the play button at the beginning of the blue bar. If you get interrupted by a phone call just click on pause.

If you want to invest in yourself just click right now and sign up.

PS She is one of the few social media folks I actually trust. I only promote folks I like and trust. You will get a lot of value from her workshop and she will hold your hand.

Advertising Primer By Greg Brown

Have you decided to revamp your advertising, marketing and sales efforts this year? If yes, take few minutes to read this post. YES, stop what you are doing and read this UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY AN ADVERTISING MARKETING EXPERT.

My friend Greg Francis Brown sent me chapter 1 of his book, “Advertising for Results,” and I like his approach.  He focuses on getting the phones to ring, and that’s what counts in today’s world.  In his book, he goes step-by-step and tells you how to produce a marketing campaign that generates sales leads.  You can reach chapter 1 in this post. In addition and you can download the entire book for FREE

Advertising for Results – Chapter 1, Gathering

This 13-chapter book is a step-by-step guide to getting strong results from your advertising. You’re reading Chapter 1, “Gathering.” For the entire free download, go to Greg Francis Brown’s website,

Chapter 1. Gathering

The blank screen

You have an advertising assignment of some sort. If you’re sitting with a blank computer screen and struggling about what to do, stop. There’s a better way.

To start with, forget that daunting assignment for a while. Instead, gather facts that will interest and inform your audience. And hey, take it easy. This gathering process won’t stress you at all. Rather than grappling for the right words, you can turn the radio on, muse about good things, and — oh, yeah — collect information.

Best of all, fact-finding is the right thing to do at this stage. Ultimately, delivering advantages to the audience will produce more than pulling everything out of your head…or somewhere else. Continue reading “Advertising Primer By Greg Brown”

You Mean There Are Companies Still Hiring?

Yes, according to Aol’s special report there are still jobs out there. Read this article I just saw featuring CVS. As you read further you will see a list of other companies and the job titlad es available.

Of course there are probably more so if you have access and information please share. As baby boomers many of us just cannot retire right now. Hence, we are still looking for jobs when we get downsized, fired or just need to improve our benefits.

Read this article on AOL Jobs in January.

10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Privacy

I just reviewed an excellent post about Facebook privacy. For example, did you know that you can insure that you are not tagged in a photo? Ok, some of you are saying what is a photo tag?

But seriously, even if you never knew about these issues read this article and more will become clear. Read 10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know.

Remember, many babyboomers are not on Facebook because they are concerned about some of these issues.

PS Be sure to read the 131 comments that come with this excellent post. 

When you finish tell me what you think.

Attention All Bloggers!

Here is a great tutorial video by an infamous baby boomer techi and teacher, Cathy Perkins. View this video then do it! I DARE YOU! Then let me know if you write a book from your blog posts.

Want to Know the Weather in Your City Real Quick

There are lots of ways to find out the weather report. You can put an RSS feed on your desktop, on your toolbar and you can click on the weather channel on your TV. But another quick way is to just put in the phase “weather for (name of your city)” directly into Google.

For example, we plan to walk early Sat. morning and I just do not do rain very well. So I just keyed in the statement above.  It gave me the entire weather report for the week.

Now, someone is saying, “Why bother to post this tidbit?”  And my answer is “Because I am a baby boomer who never thinks any empowering information is minor or that everyone knows it.”

So let me get ready for my walk just in case the weather report is wrong. This boomer is going to get fit this year. Besides, how will I ever get Tina Turner legs unless I work at it. Ha!

Happy New Year everyone.