Ready to Play? Come to a Baby Boomer Blog Carnival

Yes, it is the season to enjoy outdoor activities. You can also do a virtual outdoor Blog Carnival right now! So, take a few minutes and visit some of these great blogs hosted by an insightful baby boomer blogger. Many of you know that I am a stickler for About pages.  If you really want to get to know other baby boomer bloggers read their About pages.

The blogger, Joe Hauckes, the host of this Blog Carnival has a clearly written about page.  It is not long but gets right to the point.See below:

Hi, my name is Joe Hauckes and I’m a Baby Boomer.

I havs been blogging on the Working at Home on the Internet blog since October 2005 and the My Computer Back in Service blog since August 2007.

Born in March 1953 (on the ides of March), I seem to be in the middle of the Great Baby Boom after WWII.

So, why not endeavour to build a community of like minded and same generational people who have so much in common.

So, I present this Blog and the Baby Boomers U.S. Forum for your enjoyment.

Have Fun and Thanks for being a part of the community.


So take a few minutes to play and get to know folks at the Blog Carnival.

Baby Boomer Music- James Taylor

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Ok, I am going to be very honest with you. Ray and I are reviewing an assortment of music we have acquired or have in our inventory. Some of the LP’s we are posting on Ebay others we are giving away. But oh, we are having fun reliving some of it and discovering others.

I know some of  the music of James Taylor. Some of his popular hits I have heard, loved but, unlike my artist hubby, did not connect with the singer. I know unbelievable isn’t it? So far we are posting, several of his popular LP’s like, “Sweet Baby James” and his “Greatest Hits” which hubby already had on CD.

Well, the goal is to convert some of these great LP’s into CD’s. That way I can remember, enjoy and learn about so many artists that I may not have taken the time to learn about in my earlier years. I guess that is one of the great things about being a babyboomer, learning, learning and enjoying!

Now I know this cut and love the voice of this great singing artist. Enjoy You’ve Got a Friend, by Carole King and sung by James Taylor.

Also, read about the life, early career, breakthroughs and some current activities of this great artist, James Taylor

Oh, and here is how my copy sounds of “The Greatest Hits”

Are Financial Woes Hitting Baby Boomers Below the Belt?

This revealing blog post suggests that financial worries actually affect the sex lives of baby boomers. I believe it! Add to the mix caregiver woes, job woes, and health woes and sex can get put on the back burner instead of burning away the woes.

Read this article and share your insights on sex and babyboomer woes.

PS there is also an opportunity to write for the site so sign up!

Real Women, Real Stories-A Review of a Site for Women

I have just visited and posted a comment on a site called, Real Women, Real Advice. It is an awesome site full of stories by and about women. It is saturated with tips and inspiration.

Here is the information from their ABOUT page:

The decision to share the extraordinary stories of ordinary women just like you grew out of a conversation not unlike the ones had around a kitchen table.

People were talking, people were listening, people were revealing parts of themselves, people were appreciating honesty and the absence of pretense, people were learning about each other, people were gaining understanding, and people were being inspired. Collectively, their experiences flooded the room with wisdom that each person took with them to their individual existences. The collective wisdom of women was born. A site called Capessa was created.

For three years, Capessa was a gathering place for real women to share their stories, offer their personal wisdom and practical advice, improve their lives and be inspired. It was a place where experiences were the common thread, where advice came from personal experiences. Capessa was you and women just like you.

Capessa was retired in 2009, but the wisdom shared by women was too inspiring to be boxed up and stuck in storage. Instead, it lives on as Real Women, Real Advice, and while it’s no longer updated, we hope it still helps whoever discovers it

In all honesty this site has so much valued information that I could easily see a daily blog post if there is staff to make that happen. I do hope so in the future. But the reality is the women doing this site probably have not full plates but full platters.

Keep up the great work and keep the stories coming.

Social Network Sites For Moms and Grandmas?-7 Reasons Baby Boomers Should Visit

Yes, there are lot’s of Social Network Sites that have a target market for Moms. Does that leave out the baby boomer Grandma? I don’t have the answer to that question yet. But I am suspecting that networking on these sites can provide several benefits:

  1. Baby Boomer Grands can learn current resources and updates that can be shared with their adult children
  2. Baby Boomer Grands can share their unique wisdom. I am hoping that there is room for video sharing.
  3. Baby Boomer Grands can learn something new if they are raising their grandchildren
  4. Baby Boomer bloggers who provide services and products for Moms can network with their target market
  5. Baby Boomer health professionals who have important resources and life sustaining information for families
  6. Baby Boomer social media lovers will have more places to learn
  7. Baby Boomer Moms, yes they do exist, can keep on keeping on in the task of raising their children.

So I applaud the resourceful genius mom who compiled this extensive listing of Social Networking sites for Moms. Please visit, comment on her site, join some of the networks and enjoy this extraordinary targeted focus.