Are You An Email Hoarder On GMAIL ?

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I must confess that I am an email hoarder on GMAIL? But GMAIL knows that and is trying to help me. They have been kind in allowing me to store my emails with the intention of deleting weekly. But now they have come up with a system to help my mental intentions. So, if you are an email hoarder like me check out the short video below that explains GMAIL’s attempt at therapeutic intervention.

A Powerful Public Service Announcement That Shares an Unforgetable Health Message

Someone sent this Public Service Announcement that shared an insightful health message. Now, when I saw the title I opened it because it mentioned the word auction. Ah, one of the first things we must always do in blogging and ads is to capture attention with the title. It worked!

The video is in Italian with English subtitles. When it starts you are immediately swept into the excitement of a live auction. The value of the vase that is being sold is high, bids are high and the tension is  high.

View the video below and tell me what you think-did you remember the health message?


How Do Baby Boomers in the Sandwich Generation Cope?

What is the so-called “Sandwich Generation?

The definition below ,from the author of the term, gives you a firm explanation.

“Sandwich Generationers®,” those sandwiched between aging parents and their own children

If you are a baby boomer in the in the “Sandwich Generation” How are you coping? Please share some of your coping strategies as a comment. Also, share this question on your own blogs.  The answers can help someone else. Let’s try to make it go viral.

Should Politicians Use Social Media?

I was able to listen to a C-Span broadcast tonight while working on social media and the role of politics. The presentation brought up some challenging ethical and legal issues. Whereas, I would just delete a comment that was spam or had foul language can a politician do that? Is it going against free speech?

I think that they suggestion to create a policy is something that baby boomer experts who know social media can contribute to.

Here is a recording of the conference presentation on social networking and politics.

Help! I Have Neglected My Blogs

Are you neglecting your blogs? Do you feel like putting them up for adoption or throwing them away? I know this sounds harsh but I am in the process of making that decision. I am re-evaluating all my sites. I am also working on a strategic plan for each site I keep.

Does that make sense? I can no longer afford the time to blog when the mood hits or when I come across something I want to share. That often means stopping what I am doing and posting on one of my sites. Think about it. We cannot afford to do that in our everyday life.

I mean imagine if you were housecleaning, stopped to look up an old magazine on Ebay, then found other distractions while online? House work will not get done. Well, that is what I have just done and must get back to accomplishing my goals for the day.

The same thing can happen with our blogging. If you have more than one blog we must consider being systematic, not anal, but systematic if your blogging is more than just recreational.

This baby boomer life is busy enough and if blogging is part of your weekly activities I, for one, feel we owe it to our readers to either provide quality content. What do you think?