Radio Broadcast By Carole Copeland Thomas on Mold Madness

Many folks are still pumping water out of their homes. But many are not aware of the dangers of mold that can result if proper steps are not taken. I am posting a radio broadcast by Carole Copeland Thomas that she did on mold.

Please note that baby boomers with any respiratory issues should not be involved in the cleanup process.

I am also including a great post that includes invaluable resource material from EPA.

Carole Copeland Thomas’s rebroadcast about mold.

More resources about mold in a post on Be in the Know NJ

Don’t let mold get a hold of you empower others with this information. Do you promise?

In Cairo Slum, the Poor Spark Environmental Change

I  saw a picture in a magazine about a city in a Cairo slum.  After reading the short article that described why garbage was stored on the rooftops of the city I decided to find out more. So here is an article and recording that talks about an environmental project.

I was impressed with the fact that girls are now allowed to learn in the schools. Because the trade  is garbage recycling for the residents they learn how to use Excel spreadsheets.  Interesting.

There is so much work to do, isn’t it?

Read about the Zabaleen and the environmental project.

Also, here is an excellent photography blog with pictures from Cairo.