Will Google + Grab Facebook Followers?

As I sat at my computer attempting to absorb the changes on my Facebook profile and home page I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I sat with amazement feeling l was invading someone’s privacy as I looked at the ticker tape CNN style newsfeed on my right. But that’s a minor concern. I needed to know how the changes would impact my business plans Facebook.

Then I saw an announcement, from oneĀ  of my Facebook friends about a webinar on Google +. I am ready to learn. I will not abandon Facebook yet but I like having more than one hole to go to for sharing possible business activities. Will Google + help me when I am ready to launch my Ebay training webinars? Will Google+ help with other business ventures?

What about you? Can Google + be a nice alternative when you tire of Facebook? Will other baby boomers start populating the site?

Here is an excellent blog post about Google+ and how it may attract many members currently on Facebook with a business. I just hope that the navigation is easy. Anything wrong with that or am I showing my age?

How to Prepare Your Business for Google +

15 Facebook Etiquette Tips Every Baby Boomer Should Know

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