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Are You Ready to Get Senior Discounts Yet?

There was a time, in my mid-fifties, that I would ask for senior discounts and get sad if they gave them to me without batting an eye. “That meant that I looked old”, I thought to myself. But now since this baby boomer is older, I ASK EVERYWHERE FOR SENIOR DISCOUNTS. Then I am proud […]


My Mother, Sarah Calhoun, She Has Been Put to Rest in my Heart

This morning I decided to put on a pair of my mom’s favorite boots to walk in the snow to church. My mom loved these boots that I brought for her almost a year ago.  But if you knew my mom she was not a shoe person so  these are just one of two pair […]

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New Blog Budgeting Boomers is Timely

I am spending more time looking at financial issues that never had my attention 30 years ago. So blogs like Budgeting  Boomers is right on time. In addition I am in avid admiration for her efforts to help her mom.  Prior to my mom’s passing last month my financial goals included caregiving for her. Read […]