Baby Boomer Librarian

Let me introduce you to some and reacquaint to others a top-rated blog called Baby Boomer Librarian

Wilfred Drew, is a Systems Librarian at Tompkins-Cortland Community College in New York, USA. He has been posting since 2005 where he had 329 posts and it increases each year. 
He is a librarian’s information blogger. Yet, as a passionate lover of libraries I am fascinated with his information although I am not a librarian.
For example, if you click on the label selection search box you will see a catagory for book reviews. I looked at one on called, Library 2.0 Book Cover.
Drew is an excellent writer, researcher, opinion sharing librarian. I strongly encourage you to not just read his blog postings but absorb it. 
PS -You can also learn a lot about blogging by visiting his category on blogging and just observing his excellent full use of 


Have you visited  the aarp site yet? If not,What are you waiting for? This is probably one of the most comprehensive, content filled and concise sites for boomers around. But that makes sense since that what AARP is all about, right?

You  can also join AARP from this site. Plus you can access the online magazine. But even if you don’t join as a you can access the search features and other great information on the site. I was interested in knowing the international membership in the AARP association. So my search on the site showed the following results:

Q: Where do the majority of AARP’s international members live?
A: The top 10 countries of residence of AARP international members are:

  • Canada: 45%
  • England: 11%
  • Israel: 6%
  • Germany: 4%
  • Mexico: 4%
  • France: 3%
  • Japan: 2%
  • Switzerland: 2%
  • Bermuda: 2%
  • Australia: 2%

Did I hear someone ask, What is AARP? American Association of Retired Persons.

But guess what, you don’t have to be retired to join.

Go check out the site and jump in the deep water of information that is there.


Camera Boomer is a Relaxing and Informative Site

When was the last time you visited a blog and just exhaled? Well I find that Cameraboomer is one of those blogs that will cause you to exhale stress and remain speechless with the awesome photos displayed.

Not only does boomer artist and my husband, Ray Horner Jr, share reflection inducing pictures but he tells you the kind of camera he used and at times the lens. This is great. However, even if you don’t know anything beyond a basic throw away kodax you will still enjoy his site.

One of my favorate posts, titled, Henri Cartier-Bresson Acted Out, showcases a love scene between a loving couple we call, Aunt Bertha and Uncle Gus. They were our neighbors and we used to attend bible studies at their home. We were very close to them and so personally tender moments in their presence flash before my eyes when I see the picture that oozes with the love they had for each other.

There are others of course like the picture of my father-in-law relaxing. Each picture

has a story and much of the stories you can see in the picture itself. That is evident with the powerful black and white picture , Success Starts With A Dream. He has made mini-motivational prints of some of the pictures displayed.

He posts regularly so I look forward to visiting his site to see what new picture he has captured. I know you are probably thinking that we share the same studio so why wouldn’t I know what pictures he is going to post? The answer is often I do not know what pictures he will choose to share.

So take time to take a break and visit the site when you can.


PS I really like this site and If I were giving out ratings this would be a +++10 and that is an unbiased assessment.:)

Are You a New Boomer Parent?

The most important entity in the world is the family so we are – just4families

That is the tag line for the site just4families. I like the site because it is dealing with insights from a boomer who is sharing her insights about parent hood to other boomer parents. She states:

“I am a 50 plus second time parent with 4 little girls all under 5. I trying to get a forum and blog space put together for parents who are a little on the mature side.”

The site has lots of resources for those who need to reconnect to the joys of parenthood while in their boomer years. The author is based in Australia which is really cool for those who want to learn more beyond the shores of the USA on child rearing. One of the things I love about blogging is the ability to make those unique cultural connections and learn without getting on a plane.(smile)

I also like her  blog design and the interesting fonts she uses for all her headings. She is using a Drupal blogging platform. I will discuss that platform soon on

So bottom line is , if you are a boomer parent who could use some additional resource info and someone to chat with that understands what it is like to have a child in your mature years check out this site!


Review of Journey of a Spirited Strider

Today I am reviewing a blogger blog called Journey of a Spirited Strider. The tag line for her blog is Serving others in love one step at a time. Her very interesting profile is below. I am impressed that she has chosen to continue sharing her expertise to reach out and help others through blogging.

Barbara A. Clark has been a professional in higher education for over 25 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Iowa and completed all course requirements for a Ph.D in International Comparative Education before several life-changing events interrupted her studies. It was during the interruption that Barbara discovered her passion for service to the world through love and intention. Her blog as the Spirited Strider is another step in her journey to serve others in love, one step at a time.

You will find her posts actively engaging and energetic. I believe that she is a prolific reader and loves to write. She just might be one of those boomer bloggers who will soon write a book from her blog postings.

You can find her as an active participant in the active and well organized Blogcatalog community.

I am hoping that she continues to post and even expand to go deeper in her counseling skills and other expertise to help others. I would not be surprised if she comes out with another blog soon on …


Boomers Gather at Social Marketing Site

I recently found and joined it to see what it was like. The stats today read

31,038 members and 8,472 are 45-64 years of age. It is a very busy site and lots of opportunities to meet, greet and get deep on various topics. I noticed that as soon as I joined someone made a comment about my picture. This sparks conversations and the request was made to comment on their picture for bonus points to win a current contest. Now that was interesting. Further exploration and I found out that they have a reward system for inviting folks to join and other revenue opportunities.

Let me summarize with a couple of points the things I found out about this site.

  • There is great content on the site
  • It appeals to writers of all mediums via the publish feature. I took the opportunity to post an article. They also allow you to post an image with the article.
  • You can post videos to the site directly from your hard drive and it will generate embedded code that you can place somewhere else.
  • They have a reward system t hat is redeemable for cd’s books, vacations , etc.
  • Categories on the site include books, arts and entertainment, writing news, money, music, just to name a few.
  • Search on the term, blogging boomers, generated many folks that you can ask to be connected to based on similar interests.
  • There are special accommodations for the visually impaired which is a super plus.
  • You have the option to Digg your publications but currently Digg is not accepting the url because of spamming. Don’t know the story behind that. I did not try the other options.
  • There are boomer groups like AARP and others.
  • Easy upload of images.
  • You will not be bored.

I am still exploring and looking forward to posting more articles and checking out the revenue system a bit more.

If you like social marketing sites for business or fun this site could use your participation as well as feedback. The folks seem to be, so far, friendly and helpful.

I say it is worth exploring. Below is one of several widgets they make available so you can invite new membership plus be identified with the affiliate type code to let them know who referred the new visitor. It all adds up to points like grocery store coupons. That’s fun to if you enjoy shopping. (smile)

Keep informed on! Content ranges from politics to cooking, and we earn Gather Points™ or cash for using the site!View my content here: ideacoach

Interview Teacher-A Great Resource for Boomers

Interview teacher is a blog that was developed by, my friend, Kevin Thompson. He was downsized from his middle management postition. But during his year of job searching he decided to actually conduct training about job search strategies that he was experiencing and learning for other professionals in transition. Many of the the folks he worked with were also baby boomers.

His site has an intriguing theme that makes you want to enjoy all the excitement of a night out on the town. After all job search is an adventure and with the right perspective can be exciting.

I especially like his video on using the right kind of portfolio when arriving at an interview. Another post that is thought provoking is about hiding or not hiding your age on a resume.

There are other insightful posts and oodles of videos and I encourage you to drop by and make your own review.


Boomer Consumer Book Gives Refreshing Insights on Marketing to Boomers

If you are attempting to get the eye and dollars of baby boomers consider visiting a blogger site called, Boomerconsumerbook.

It enjoys a really good Google placement and I can see why. I spent a while reading some of the posts. The one that really impressed me was the post for Nov. 15, 2007 on positive marketing messages.

The blog is administered by Matt Thornhill & John Martin authors of a book called,

Now I am reminded to make my blog posts on the positive side with lots of motivation. Thats easy for me because the opposite would be too depressing.

The authors have lots of posts from small to medium in length. Bite sized and easy to digest. They have included some graphics and video so the variety makes it very interesting. I am looking forward to reading more interesting posts.

Now What Jobs?

I have the pleasure to sharing a site that is just for boomers and seniors who are making job transitions. It is called Now What Jobs . I just love the name itself which is based on a book written by the founder. It poses that question many have had after downsizing or any separation like retirement from their jobs. “What will I do now?” Since I am a big fan of re-careering and re-creating this site is especially attractive.

I was contacted by them a few weeks ago and reviewed their site. I am very impressed. When you visit right on the home page on the top is the picture of the founder, James Armstrong and the great purpose statement about the site. It states:

For Baby Boomers and Active Seniors, jobs, timely advice, corporate profiles, continuing education options real estate/relocation plus franchises and more are available here.

In addition you can add links! That means if you have a website or blog of interest to other baby boomers you can add it right here plus a 50 word description. I am convinced that this site with its wealth of information will go viral real soon and that means your information will travel with it.

The staff is great and stuff is updated often for a static website. I suspect they will have a blog soon so keep an eye open. Meanwhile do visit submit your site and glean from the deep well of information.

All Things Boomer

This site will have lots of my personal recommendations of products, promotions, particularly interesting sites and programs that relate to boomers like myself. I will also pass on the insights of others that have impressed me.

With the current linked relationships there are videos, podcasts and pictures just to keep it from becoming boring. (For example,see for the latest podcast on using widgets in your blogs)

I like to share information the way I like to receive it.

Also, feel free to correct any typos or grammar mistakes. I am still a work in progress.

I will appreciate any insights you want to share.