Do You Have A Dream Inside of You?-Part 1

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The dream road
are there dreams on your Life Road?

Sometimes we get comfortable in the routine of making a living, stressing out about making a living then graduate to the routine of waiting for the pension and social security check to stressing out about getting more than the pension and social security check.

If you compound that with the sometimes preoccupation with illness, recovery and family dramas dreams can get lost on our life road. We tend to travel away rather than to any hope of having or exploring a dream.

One evening while staying overnight with my mom I read the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. I had to stay awake most of the night to keep a watchful eye on her because after her surgery she may have need for me during the night.

This book not only keep me awake but also awakened a desire to look for and explore the idea of having a dream in my baby boomer years. I realized that some I had earlier in life were either lost or unexplored. That I allowed, too often, life challenges or other peoples discouragement to just get in the way.

I think about the time that I wanted to go to a high school outside of my district. The only way to get in was to take a language our school did not offer. In this case it was Hebrew.My mom and I visited the principal and was told that even he had a hard time learning Hebrew. He discouraged us from trying and we settled.

Yet, the high school I did attend had a librarian who one day asked me, while doing my duties in the Library Club, if I ever thought about going to college. I said no, it was not on my radar. My aspirations, at that time were to be a secretary because I was good at touch typing.

Thank God for Mrs. Little who lit a fire inside of me with possibilities that have  lasted even in my baby boomer years.

The character in this awesome little book is named Ordinary who lives in the land of Familiar. Now it does not say how old Ordinary was but our character went to work at the Usual job. I suspect that those of us who may not work at the Usual job have the Usual activity and work schedule.

But like Ordinary you will find that you have a dream inside of you. Perhaps it is unexplored, lost in the shuffle of life’s dramas or maybe you have already begun to pursue it.

Do you have a dream? Do you have something nagging at your insides but have been just too busy to explore it?

Part 2-Are you too old to dream?

Prayer and Laughter Essential Tools for Caregivers and All Baby Boomers

A fellow caregiver sent a really funny video to me. It is by a woman that was doing an invocation at a convention. She added a few funny words to the prayer that I just had to share for anyone you know that is a caregiver or just old enough to appreciate the humor.

Enjoy this funny video on a really great site called Caregiver Stress.

Caregivers-Join AARP in Orlando or Streaming Sept. 30-Oct. 2

AARP is sponsoring what looks like an awesome event in Orlando for caregivers. The event is called Celebration of Caregiving and promises to provide resources and support for caregivers. But if you cannot be there in person, (because you are caregiving ) then they had the insight to set up a streaming option. How cool!

So just click on this link to find out more about this innovation event for caregivers.

We need all the help we can get, don’t you agree?

Baby Boomer-Too Old To Learn The Guitar?

Are you too old to learn the guitar? I am ashamed to say that for a nano second I thought my husband was too old for the guitar. NO WAY. I WAS HAVING AN AARP MOMENT.  We are convinced that you are not too old to be creative, to learn to share your learning.

Sure he has been the main person who has taught me about creativity. Probably because he is an Artist, Teacher and Carpenter I am always amazed at how much he knows. So why was I amazed that he wanted to learn the guitar for that crazy nano second? Probably fell into the trap that so many fall into of believing the lie about age and new opportunities.

So once he decided to learn the guitar we put up a  blog called Midlife Guitar to be a place where he could keep things we come across related to the guitar. Meanwhile, dispite his insane schedule he still practices and promises that he will soon play the blues for me. And when he does that I will sing!!!! Do I sing the blues now? Nope, but sure can learn.

So this is somewhat of a ramble inspired by an article I read by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker about aging and creativity. But tell me, all that are reading this, are you learning something new and creative?

ARRP Moments, Oops, I Mean AARP

For a long time  hubby and I have  ignored the invitations to join AARP. But now we welcome the benefits of being a baby boomer. We are no longer in denial. Our cards came in the mail today!

So,  I have category called AARP Moments to record those times that remind us, in a humorous way, that we are good , seasoned, and like fine wine baby boomers. Remember this is meant to give us some humor in the midst of the drama. To poke fun at ourselves.

Send me your AARP moments and it will be posted for all to see.  Include your site!

What are AARP moments? They are those moments when in our bucket load of experiances held in our heads, we realize that we are true baby boomers. There is no denying it.

Hubby has a one today:

I had an AARP moment when I watched US Marshalls again and it was as if I was seeing it for very first time.

Ray Horner