Do You Have A Dream Inside of You?-Part 1

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The dream road
are there dreams on your Life Road?

Sometimes we get comfortable in the routine of making a living, stressing out about making a living then graduate to the routine of waiting for the pension and social security check to stressing out about getting more than the pension and social security check.

If you compound that with the sometimes preoccupation with illness, recovery and family dramas dreams can get lost on our life road. We tend to travel away rather than to any hope of having or exploring a dream.

One evening while staying overnight with my mom I read the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. I had to stay awake most of the night to keep a watchful eye on her because after her surgery she may have need for me during the night.

This book not only keep me awake but also awakened a desire to look for and explore the idea of having a dream in my baby boomer years. I realized that some I had earlier in life were either lost or unexplored. That I allowed, too often, life challenges or other peoples discouragement to just get in the way.

I think about the time that I wanted to go to a high school outside of my district. The only way to get in was to take a language our school did not offer. In this case it was Hebrew.My mom and I visited the principal and was told that even he had a hard time learning Hebrew. He discouraged us from trying and we settled.

Yet, the high school I did attend had a librarian who one day asked me, while doing my duties in the Library Club, if I ever thought about going to college. I said no, it was not on my radar. My aspirations, at that time were to be a secretary because I was good at touch typing.

Thank God for Mrs. Little who lit a fire inside of me with possibilities that have  lasted even in my baby boomer years.

The character in this awesome little book is named Ordinary who lives in the land of Familiar. Now it does not say how old Ordinary was but our character went to work at the Usual job. I suspect that those of us who may not work at the Usual job have the Usual activity and work schedule.

But like Ordinary you will find that you have a dream inside of you. Perhaps it is unexplored, lost in the shuffle of life’s dramas or maybe you have already begun to pursue it.

Do you have a dream? Do you have something nagging at your insides but have been just too busy to explore it?

Part 2-Are you too old to dream?

My Thanksgiving Quote-Better to be Hanging Than Hung, Doing than Done, Going than Gone

Better to be Hanging Than Hung, Doing than Done, Going than Gone-My Thanksgiving Quote.

So often I ask someone “How are you?” and their reply may be a deep sigh and “I’m hanging in there” or “I’m doing”, and I ‘m going”.

So as I reflected on those responses I decided to apply the “glass half-full” approach (mostly for my own mental health). The idea of hanging on sounds better when you realize that you could be hung by the negative circumstances surrounding you.

If you are still going one despite efforts to keep you back by others than that is far better than being gone. Why?, because when you cease to exist it does not always provide a solution to the issues.

In addition, if you keep doing, if you keep working on your purpose then it gives you an opportunity to flame your passion. The reason you started “doing” in the first place. Are you already done? I don’t think so.

So, right now my life is saturated with it’s own unique drama. Yet as I think of all that I can be THANKFUL FOR, it edges out a whole lot of room for HOPE.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. And if you don’t celebrate the holiday, that is okay but do give THANKS wherever you are.

I Hate the Word Retirement But Love the Word Unretirement

I just read an article that used the word “unretirement” How cool is that? Well, the article encouraging baby boomers to exhaust the use of web technology to get a job. A simple thing like developing you Linkedin profile and presence can enhance you chances of landing that job, consultancy or training opportunity.

Take a few minutes to read the blog post on NASJE’S blog.

Baby Boomer Restores Classic AR 4x Speakers to a Work of Art

Baby boomers hobbyists and collectors are one of the most fascinating groups I know. My husband, artist Ray Horner Jr. is one of those baby boomers. This baby boomer loves Acoustic Research Speakers. Partner this love with his art and carpentry skills and you have a baby boomer that takes on the challenge of making the inner beauty of classic stereo speakers sing beautiful music.

Take a few minutes to view the evolution of a set of scrappy speakers to a restored piece of art. You did a great job Ray.

More on Dreams-Are You Ordinary Living Life as a Nobody in a Land of Familiar?

Yesterday my mom came home from the hospital. I decided to sit up and  stay  her for the night. I felt restless, although tired, but was determined to quietly read the Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkenson while I listened for any stirrings from my mom.

It felt strange reading instead of punching keys on a computer keyboard in the wee hours of the night. But the simple yet powerful story of a Nobody character named Ordinary who lived in the Land of Familiar took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I poured through the pages seeing my life unfold.

I underlined passages in the book written in the style of the Pilgrim’s Progress  like:

  • Ordinary says, “Now I know a secret: I can take courage even when I am afraid.”
  • “Then Ordinary stumbled in despair across the sandy Waste, dragging his empty suitcase behind him. His dream was dead, and now he wanted to die, too.
  • “Tears began streaming down his cheeks. “Take away my darkness, ” he pleaded. “Give me your light!” And the Dream Giver did. He took away Ordinary’s darkness and gave him his light.
  • Ordinary recognized the Giant towering over him. It was Moneyless..”
  • Ordinary writes, “Unbelief is dangerous. So far I have chosen to Believe. But it feels risky every time.”

I am almost finished but I am already inspired and hopeful. I am so glad the book popped off my shelf while looking for something on blogging.

I am going to pull my dreams out of the corner. How about you?

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Do You Still Dream?

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I adore the commercial by AARP which asks baby boomers and seniors, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I find myself answering with various unfulfilled dreams.

I had forgotten about dreaming lately. It is hard in the midst of realistic life dramas. But they must never, ever be forgotten. I pulled a book of my shelf  that was a gift to me but never read. It is called The Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson. I plan to read it this week! I get my dreams back!

What about you? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you still have dreams?

Facebook Fan Page Review-Livvie Matthews-Write Business Solutions

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Livvie Matthews-Write Business Solutions-76 Fans

Why I joined this fan Page

I love copywriting. I am a wanna be copywriter but right not the cost of taking a course is not in my current budget. So, I learn by seeing, reading and joining great fan pages like this one.

About This Page (Written by the Administrator)

Hi, I’m a Copywriter and Social Media Marketing Specialist helping dentists, consultants, coaches, speakers, & businesses leverage the marketing value of the Internet, establish credibility, and develop profitable relationships.

About Livvie Matthews

You just got to join this fan page. It has nuggets of information delivered by a true professional full of gems of inspired experience. Let’s see if we can pump this page up to 176 by the end of next week! Please also join in the discussions of fan pages you read.

Facebook Fan Page Review-Mary B Photography

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Mary B Photography has 167 Fans

Purpose of the Site

Mary B infuses her artistic background into all of her subjects—whether on the red carpet or in a comfortable home setting. She captures the enjoyable moments of everyday and will make you feel like a celebrity.

About the Administrator

Read about the photographic genius, Mary A Brown

Page Features

I love photography, thanks to my artist hubby, Ray Horner. So, I really appreciate the artistic work shared on this fan page. There is a Flickr Tab as well an album of Mary’s work in the Photo Tab. Also, her Notes Tab shares a behind the scenes discussion of some of her projects. I am looking forward to more of those inside insights.

Overall, I think this page is a refreshing pause and opportunity to view some great pictures. Also, it is an opportunity for other photographers to network.

I am glad to be a fan. Oh, and be sure to visit her INFO Tab so you can check out her websites.

Join now and say hello to Mary

107 and Still Going Strong? A Baby Boomers Goal

Ok,  this baby boomer now has a serious goal, live long life and keep going strong. Of course this is rather unusual so yes, I am glad to live what ever life God grants me and live it to the fullest.

I just read this story about a woman who is 107 years old in Newark, NJ.  She is from Georgia, just like my mom. So, of course before I posted this I spoke to my 82 year old mom and shared the highlights. We all need encouraging.

I also hope that her senior housing complex has a full time social worker. They have been missing on a full time basis in Newark Housing complexes for a while now.  Caregiving families need the advice and support when trying to keep their loved one OUT OF a nursing home for as long as they can.

This woman does have good support with her grandchildren. And it is a good reminder to us all to talk with our families to share in the support needed in caregiving. Of course I read it wishing I had had children to help me in providing support for my mom. But God has been good and when I have strength and a great homemaker life can rock.

Read this encouraging story about a 107 year old woman living in Newark, NJ. Tell me what you think. I was encouraged. Also, encourage families to sacrifice some time to visit when they can. Remember baby boomers our time is coming. Ha!

The WordPress Wizard is Whipping out Another Wonderful Workshop

My friend and fellow baby boomer, The WordPress Wizard, Cathy Perkins is starting yet another workshop series. She is really, I mean really knows her stuff. I have learned a lot from her and still learning.

So listen now to her description of the workshop in her own words. It’s short and you can start it by clicking on the play button at the beginning of the blue bar. If you get interrupted by a phone call just click on pause.

If you want to invest in yourself just click right now and sign up.

PS She is one of the few social media folks I actually trust. I only promote folks I like and trust. You will get a lot of value from her workshop and she will hold your hand.