So You Want to Start Your Small Business in New Jersey But Need Help With Business Finances?

Thinking about starting a small business when your retire? Forced to leave your job due to downsizing or other issues? Need to learn more about the money side of running a business?

If you are a new business owner or even thinking about starting a business you will benefit from this FREE Workshop in New Jersey. Essex County is sponsoring a powerful workshop on March 4,  2013 on Business Finance Basics.  The workshop will be conducted by a business expert I know Lathea Morris.

Click this link to learn more about this cutting edge financial workshop in New Jersey.

But even if you are already savvy a refresher never hurts.

Boomer Credit Fitness-Business Teleseminar on 9/22 at 2:00 pm EST Register Now!

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Credit Fitness

Most business owners have no idea about the numerous alternative funding sources.

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Credit Fitness

This is another excellent post which is part of the

Boomer Credit Fitness Series

By Morlino and Lathea Morris

Business Credit and Capital: How to Get it

& Who to Get it From

Having access to capital is vital to the success of your business. However, due to the current condition of capital markets – getting capital or credit can be a difficult, if not an insurmountable challenge. So what do you do? Well, continuing to waste your valuable time trying to convince a traditional bank to loan you capital, approve a line of credit or credit card is not the answer. It’s Time For You to Investigate Alternative Sources of Capital & Credit! Most business owners have no idea about the numerous alternative funding sources

Join Special Guest Presenters along with Lathea Morris who will lead this teleseminar. She’s an entrepreneur and small business professional trainer who in many circles is known as the “Credit Guru.” She knows about capital resources – who to consider doing business with and who to stay away from. This is a Unique Opportunity to Learn About:

  • Alternative sources of capital and credit
  • How to get access to these resources
  • The new rules of credit and steps to take before applying for capital
  • Business credit scores

Never before has it been a time so urgent for small business owners to get practical advice on how to take advantage of alternative funding options. Register Now! Get a 10% Discount  – Put in code:myguest01

Baby Boomer Women to Attend Social Media Event in October 2009

Here is a special annoucement from the Founder of Boomer Diva Nation. Beverly Mahone about an upcoming Social Media Conference.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, FriendFeed, Squidoo, YouTube, Ryze, Ecademy, Plaxo…..
These are just a few of the tons of social networking sites that have cropped up in recent years.  Social Media is changing the way we interact with each other—both on a personal and professional level.
If you aren’t connected yet–you should be.  If you are, the question is are you getting out of it what you want?  Social Media can be a powerful tool for business but, unfortunately, many people don’t know how to effectively use it.
That’s why Boomer Diva Nation has teamed up with the Business Divas Inside919 to bring you the FIRST EVER, HISTORIC,  ALL-WOMEN’S Social Media Summit in North Carolina.  Some of the top social media experts on the East Coast will take part in a panel disussion on how women network differently from men and how we can turn out networking into $$$ for our business.
NBC News will be on hand to let us know how they use social media to find us for interviews so you can understand what you need to do to get your business in front of them.
There will be a expert panel of male social media gurus to share their own insight on how women can effectively connect with men online for business opportunities.
You asked for it and we’re making it happen!  It’s all happening ONE DAY ONLY–Saturday, October 17 at the Capital City Club in Raleigh, NC. 
This social media summit is also ideal for businesses who are looking for better ways to gain greater exposure.  Discounts available for groups of five or more.
Seating is limited so get your ticket now for what will be the hottest event of the year!  For more information and to register go to: 
See ya there!
Beverly Mahone
Boomer Diva Nation
P.S.  This is just one part of an entire weekend of education, empowerment and entertainment.  Check it ALL out here:  

Karen Batchelor Hosts New Teleseminar Series For Tuff Times

I received this note in Facebook from my good buddy Karen Batchelor. If you want to know more about karen check out an interview I did with her recently. Meanwhile, you can listen to her preview call about her upcoming Tuff Times Tool Kit program or just go to the site. Her note is below:

I wanted to send a quick update about this event. It is a 5 week Teleclass event starting this Thursday, April 30th. Registration is required and it is $197 for all 5 Teleclasses. To register go to and click on the link to register and pay.

If you would like to have access to our free preview call we had, please go to

Multiculturism-Needed More Now Than Ever!

Multicultural issues and our understanding of those issues are becoming more critical. I found out today that a speaker collegue and expert in cultural diversity has been busy addressing some of the major multicultural issues via a collaboration with Universities and major businesses.

Well, you must know that Carole Copeland Thomas is a baby boomer woman  of class and distinction who has crossed the globe with her messages of cultural unity. Yet, she is not alone, there are others with the same message who are expanding into the social marketing arena to increase the scope of discussions. At some point I want to feature more of those experts. This will be my way of helping us all to work together and understand each other.

Carole Has Developed A Multicultural Symposium Series.

You can become  a member of the 2009 Multicultural Symposium Series and participate in the hottest multicultural movement of our time.  Now you, your organization, and your staff can stay connected to the latest developments in the field of multiculturalism, global diversity, and inclusion.

If you have been hanging out on this site you know how passionate I am about ABOUT pages. So here is a portion of the page which features the efforts of the Multicultural Symposium Series.

The Multicultural Symposium Series (MSS) will create new opportunities for academia, business, government, education, students, and the community at large to build new strategic alliances that will forge stronger relationships across the global divisions of ethnicity, race, gender, economics, age, religion, politics, class, and

ideological differences.

MSS Is A Collaborative Partnership with Bentley University

Carole Copeland Thomas of C. Thomas & Associates has formed a strategic partnership with Bentley College to produce a twice-yearly

Multicultural Symposium Series and other related activities at Bentley University.


Reinforce cultural bridges

Strengthen retention and recruitment efforts within business, education,

and non-profit organizations

Create new dialogue within the multicultural community and beyond

Bridge the gap between academia, business, government, education,

healthcare,  students, and community groups

Provide an ongoing platform for cross cultural exchange, conversation,

ideas, and partnerships

What Makes This Unique:

An Ongoing Dialogue With Global Communication

Between Each Symposium

Unlike most conventions and conferences held on an annual basis, this initiative will be different from the start.  Ongoing dialogue will be developed so that each symposium will NOT be a stand alone event.

Each event will be interconnected to the total framework of the Symposium Series.

Ongoing Activities Linked To Each Other

Each symposium will build on the strength of the previous events by using technological resources:

• An Interactive Website with Social Networking Capabilities

• Electronic Newsletter

• List Serv Creation For A Virtual Online Community

• Teleconference Series on Key Topics

• Webinar Series On Multicultural Issues

• Focus Groups

• Other relevant communication instruments

• Projected initial online community  3000-5000 participants

• Four Color Print Magazine (2011-2012)

Catch The Remaining Webinars

There are still a few remaining webinars scheduled for this month that you can view. But the earlier webinars are also still available. So if you are serious about the issues related to multiculturism than spend some time participating in some of the efforts of this exception symposium.

Note, that Carole’s contact information is also available so you can chat with her yourself.

Retirement Communities,Happiness, Romance Over 50,Healthy Living-Carol Stanley’s Insights

Retirement communities,happiness, romance over 50,healthy living, and goals for boomers are insightful articles by Carol Stanley.  But take a breath. You can digest these powerful articles one day at a time.

Read this uniques series for baby boomers starting Monday, Jan. 12, 2009 on the Boomer Knowledge Center.

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! There is a scripture that says”This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it!’ It is also the EARTH THAT THE LORD HAS MADE, LET US REJOICE AND TAKE CARE OF IT!

Many Baby Boomers are leading the charge in this effort to clean up our environment. If you are one of them please let us know. Also, visit some of earth day posts. One of them is on the site Be in the know nj. Also visit Professor Horner’s Art Class. Also peek at the cool video of his students. There are others so just please share them.