My Thanksgiving Quote-Better to be Hanging Than Hung, Doing than Done, Going than Gone

Better to be Hanging Than Hung, Doing than Done, Going than Gone-My Thanksgiving Quote.

So often I ask someone “How are you?” and their reply may be a deep sigh and “I’m hanging in there” or “I’m doing”, and I ‘m going”.

So as I reflected on those responses I decided to apply the “glass half-full” approach (mostly for my own mental health). The idea of hanging on sounds better when you realize that you could be hung by the negative circumstances surrounding you.

If you are still going one despite efforts to keep you back by others than that is far better than being gone. Why?, because when you cease to exist it does not always provide a solution to the issues.

In addition, if you keep doing, if you keep working on your purpose then it gives you an opportunity to flame your passion. The reason you started “doing” in the first place. Are you already done? I don’t think so.

So, right now my life is saturated with it’s own unique drama. Yet as I think of all that I can be THANKFUL FOR, it edges out a whole lot of room for HOPE.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. And if you don’t celebrate the holiday, that is okay but do give THANKS wherever you are.

You Can Vacation in Paradise Island Next Year If You Start Brewing Your Own Coffee Today

I just read an eye-opening blog post in Wallop Pop that indicated a savings of  $835 dollars if you brew your coffee at home for a year. That’s right if we restrain ourselves from grabbing that cup of java from our popular fun shops and put the money in a jar we can see super savings. I checked on Travelocity to see what vacations existed that cost less than $835 with airfare. There were a lot including Paradise Island.

Now, I love my cup of Starbucks coffee while at Barnes and Nobles so I will not be super disciplined at doing this. But if I jar or deposit half of the stuff I love to pick up on a regular basis I can really save. Ok, let’s see how about baking those pumpkin muffins I love so much from Whole Foods? Or, reading the daily paper online? The bottom line is I must find something to cut back on that is part of my regular financial luxury spending. And guess what if I cut back to the skinny I just might get skinny.

How about you? What are you saving for and how are you doing it?

Health Care Reform and Baby Boomers

Now I just read one of the best summaries about the Health Care Reform Bill as it relates to baby boomers.

Of course many reading this post are die hards against the bill and that is ok because as baby boomers we have much to share based on our own level of experience, education and edgy focus.

YES, I am for the health care reform bill. Now, I have said it and stand by it. For me it has nothing to do with my political views, race, religion or the fact that I am not an insurance lobbyist. For me it means hope and help for many people that need the reform.

Anyway, here is the post that shares the bill as it relates to baby boomers. Tell me what you think. Hey, isn’t that what blogging is all about?

I Was Almost Conned By This Guy

It was a restless night. Just too much on my mind. We left the TV on and I woke up to hear Kevin Trudeau talking on an info-commercial about how you can get FREE money from the government.

Well, I have heard that from Lesko but never got the book. And, I thought, in my foggy thinking, this guy is saying that the other guys book was not the way to go. He is saying that he gives less pages and just the right info.

I continued thinking, “I really could use FREE money”. My mind drifted to bills, goals that needed money, people that needed money, and I drifted back to sleep. Oh, I did not go to sleep until I wrote his number down on my bed stand.

Later that day, I looked and the number and was about to grab my credit card. Then I stopped. I said, “Rosie, you know better, check this guy and his offer out first.”  So, I did a search on google with his name and the word “scam” in the search.

Wow, there was enough there to make me laugh at how I almost gave this guy FREE  money. Some complained about paying large amounts for shipping. So, here is a post I just read so you can decide for yourself before listening to your impulses like I almost did.

Read this article about this famous info-commercial expert.

Now, if only we practice the technique but add truth to it that would be a good thing. What do you think? Is this article wrong? Did you buy the book and benefit from it? Are his critics just player haters? I do want to be fair because I never put money out to get the book.

Assisted Living is Expensive, Why Not Retire on a Cruise Ship?

When I first heard about someone retiring on a cruise ship I thought the idea was far fetched. Yet, now as I think about it, it’s not a bad idea. As I look at the host of seniors that don’t have attentive family checking on them this can be an option. Not only that but many assisted living facilities will easily set you back almost 100,00o or more.

Well, I think it is worth exploring.  In 2005, there was a story told about a woman who was observed living on a cruise line.

Active Living Newsletter makes a very convincing argument for retireing on a cruise line.

Now, there is actually a small cruise line who has established a plan for retirees. I am sure this is not the only company considering this viable option. But did I say viable? Many of us are hard pressed to afford assisted living for our senior parents. Yet, as baby boomers we are considering long term care and now cruise ship lodging?

I don’t know, I am now convinced I must keep working, keep finding ways to increase revenue  without doing the lottery, or taking the gold out of my husbands mouth.

But we both like the notion of living on a cruise ship. We pray for good health to enjoy it if we do. What about you?

Are We Spreading Lies Without Knowing it on the Internet?

Is it possible that everything we read on the internet is not true? Yet, how many of us may read something and believe it is because we KNOW the sender? How can we check out the facts?

This issue was addressed today by one of the most prolific baby boomer writers on the internet, Martin Diano.  ( I can prove that statement)He posted an article called How Misinformation is Spread over the Internet. Please read it and share with others. Perhaps as we encourage others to stop and think before we spread information we can make some kind of positive impact.  We might even save a life, business or someone’s sanity.

Dear Baby Boomer, What Are the Commericals in Your Personal Soap Opera?

This week I realized that all of life is one big Soap Opera. I than began to thank God for the commericials. I am talking about those short pauses that occur to give us peace, happiness or special excitment in the midst of the dramas. For example, something simple like reading a good book while in the waiting room of a doctor’s office with a loved one.

Oh, don’t forget about that new Zumba class or the collage making project. I have recently started a new hobby and reading, chatting about coin collecting. I even started a blog. So, now I relax with a magnifying class looking at my change before I roll it up.

My husband has started taking guitar lessons and yes he started a blog for that also. But, now he takes a pause to play with those chords. Sure will be glad when he can play that BB King he promised me.

Or going to your fav coffee shop or little diner to enjoy something special while waiting for the line in the “Whatever place of tension” to go down. How many of you know about the pause at the end of a very trying day relaxing on Twitter, in front of the TV or special quiet time of prayer?

Personally, my faith and humor is keeping me sane. So I welcome those commercials in  my life.

What every it is if you feel like sharing it just might help someone else today. But just remember don’t Tivo your life, keep those commercials coming.

Boomer Rants

As many of you know a ‘rant’ is a particular type of blog post. It is simply a blogger giving their opinion about something.  I find some of them interesting and others tiresome. However, as baby boomers we have formed some serious opinions.

So, I am taking a chance with this series and opening it up for your Boomer Rants.

Yes, I will not post any with offensive language or any that offend a race or religion. With that in mind. What are your rants?

Just send them to me at rosiehorner(at)