Looking for a New Business? Start a Gym for Baby Boomers

I went to the gym the other night. Yes, I know I should go every night but sometimes I negotiate with myself and lose. But while at the gym I realized that the majority of the members were baby boomers. We attend for fun, respite from care giving and exercise. Actually any baby boomer reading this and thinking of a new business venture think about opening a gym just for baby boomers.

Imagine how much you will be able to meet the specific needs of this group that is very unique. For example, workshops could be offered on caregiving, financial planning etc available after or before your workout. After all you are already there and perhaps can plan to be there for an extra 30 minutes.

I even have a couple of possible names for the franchise that include:

Boomer Time Gym

Boomer Biceps

Boomer Fun Fitness

Boomer Workout Express

Here is a blog post I read that emphasizes the goldmine possibility in starting a fitness place for baby boomers.

Let me know if you create a start-up.  Meanwhile keep working out when you can.

Getting Ready to Start Interviewing for a Job Again? Watch What You Say!

Many of us are facing job losses or just trying to add to our low pensions.  Whatever the case may be some of us will be going for job interviews again. So, I decided to begin posting some job interviewing and search hints as I discover them. I hope we can all be helped. Here is a great tip on what words you want to avoid during an interview.

Babyboomers, Retirement, Stock Market and Ebay

I just read a motivating blog post written by the son of baby boomers. He shares the grim picture facing his parents due to the stock market preformance and their lost retirement savings.

But why was it motivating? It was motivating because he recognized the resilent spirit of his parents when they found other options to supplement thier income like Ebay.

I also admire his sensitivity to many other babyboomers who are not able to physically or mentally seek other options. He writes an excellent blog post and I wanted to share it with my readers.

I am really hoping that one day I can read or hear the story directly from their parents. If only I could interview them. Plus, since hubby and I have jumped into Ebay with all 10 toes I am very, very interested.

So, here is the blog post about Baby Boomers and Ebay.

8 Hot High Paying Jobs That Are Worth Making The Transition

I am always looking for news items about jobs that might be hot in the future. Why? Well not just for generations behind us but for baby boomers that are making job transitions.

Now, no some of us might not consider becoming a Neuro-Surgeon in the near future but we can look at jobs like X-Ray Tech. So enjoy this short article featured today on AOL about 8 Hot Jobs.

After the Shock, What Do I Do?-For Boomers Who Lose Their Jobs

What can you do if you are downsized or rightsized over 50 years of age? Read this inspirational as well as instructional article by James Armstrong.

Men and women have asked me, as the Editor of NowWhatJobs.net, exactly what motivated me to write my book and, subsequently, to start my website? Here’s my response.

Actually, I went through a rightsizing/downsizing exercise on three separate occasions during the decade of the 1990s. So I personally experienced what my book, “Now What? Discovering Your New Life and Career After 50,” is about on a personal level. And I can tell you that one of the keys is this: Instead of doing the minimum in the search process for a new job, you have to do the MAXIMUM. Instead of sending out one or two resumes each week, you have to work at getting a job as though it was your full-time endeavor. It is literally a job to get a job.

Make a plan

When people are downsized, the very first thing they need to do is to sit down and write out their plan. That plan needs to include interacting with friends, relatives, people at their current company plus men and women in their industry. The search process needs to include a results-based resume, where you focus on your accomplishments in your current and past jobs. This process also needs to include a visit to the local unemployment office to check out what government programs might be available for you in your unique circumstances. Plus, it needs to include an aggressive approach to looking for a job every day, as though this effort was your full-time job. In this way, you will be successful sooner.

IMPORTANT: Don’t ever consider giving up because at the moment you choose to quit you’ve already failed.

The more education the better

Part of the strategy which constitutes a winning formula is this: More education is always better to have. In other words, in the United States, we know that for most of this past year the unemployment rate for college graduates, for example, has been between 1.8% and 2.0%. So, in essence, there are no college graduates without a job. As a first step, if at all possible, go back to school to finish high school by getting a GED, for example. Next, consider either going to a local community college for two years to get an Associate’s degree or go to a trade school. Or, you can choose to go back to college and finish your Bachelor’s degree. Or, consider going for your Master’s degree or even a professional credential.

The more education you complete, the better off you will be, because of the lower unemployment rate for your higher education level.

Education and training are critical. The formula I have found is this: The more education you have, the less vulnerable you will be to being downsized, rightsized or losing your job. Plus, you will have an easier time finding a job on the next round, even if you find yourself temporarily out of employment. Remember that everything having to do with education and training is part of your resume going forward, whether you’re in your current job, in a future job in a different company or even in a different industry.

In addition, many companies offer training as one dimension of your benefit package. For example, I remember when I worked for McGraw-Hill, you literally had to go through so much training and/or education every year in order to meet your annual objectives. In other words, it was an explicit requirement of the job. Plus, each of us needs to realize that the overall job market is constantly changing, which means that we need to continue to update our skills, as well.

Retraining assistance

In the United States, please understand that if you’ve lost a job from a manufacturing company, in many instances, there will be assistance for displaced workers. This analysis even includes money to go back to school in order to get more education and/or training. So, it’s important to check out your County Jobs office to see what’s available for you in your particular circumstances.

Accomplishments go into your resume

One of the typical mistakes people make is this: They tend to look at their past jobs in terms of specific dates instead of their accomplishments in that position. But, if 10 people are being evaluated for the same job and essentially everyone has the same education level, with a similar job background, the man or woman, who enjoyed success in the last job or several jobs, will be the one who is hired every time.

In fact, as you’re talking with former employers and suppliers, it’s a good idea to even suggest to them what they might say about you in a letter of recommendation, which they can then send back to you.

One of the articles on my website, NowWhatJobs.net, has a discussion about the myth of the two-page resume. Many people think that two pages is too long, but that’s really not accurate. A professional human resources consultant/coach walks you through how to put together your resume. So that’s just one of many resources, which are available on my website right now.

Forgiveness is critical

The whole element of forgiveness is also critical in the process, as you go forward into the next chapter of your life. In other words, without forgiveness, which for a Christian is mandatory from the New Testament, but for others is simply a good idea, you simply wind up spinning your wheels.

The story that I imagine in illustrating this point is this: A man goes into a tavern or a bar, which is the same place every single night for the two months after he has lost his job. And the very same crowd of people at the bar every night has heard him tell the same sad (and tired) story, which you can appreciate after the 50th or 60th time of telling the same tale of woe, everyone around that man is getting sick and tired of hearing that story. So, now, people begin to move away from him. My challenge to the reader today is this: When are you going to give everyone a break and stop telling that same sad and tired story?

The next chapter might be your very best chapter

A layoff can be devastating, but so much of it has to do with your attitude and how you look at things going forward. It’s possible that next chapter of your life might be the very best chapter that you have ever experienced in your life.

Unfortunately, we must sometimes go through that dark tunnel in our life, before we can get to the meadow on the other side, where the light begins to shine. Then, we will have walked into that beautiful valley, which is the entrance to the next chapter of our lives.


James O. Armstrong, President of NowWhatJobs.net, Inc., http://www.nowwhatjobs.net, also serves as the Editor of NowWhatJobs.net. NowWhatJobs.net is the resource for job and career transitions for workers 40 years old and over, Baby Boomers and Active Seniors. Read NowWhatJobs.net for skills training, relocation options, job opportunities and much more. In addition, James is the author of “Now What? Discovering Your New Life and Career After 50” and the President of James Armstrong & Associates, Inc., a media representation firm based in Suburban Chicago.

Wanted: Healthcare Workers!

 In this decade of economic upheaval it is good to know careers that are still in top demand.

Here is another great article with deep insight from James O. Armstrong


There are critical shortages of these men and women all over the United States in medical practices and hospitals everywhere.  Therefore, healthcare options provide one of the fastest growing professional fields for Baby Boomers and Active Seniors.  Let’s look at healthcare careers that you can pursue right now.


Healthcare administration worker


There are unlimited possibilities because the hospitals nationally are all adding “new wings,” particularly for cancer and cancer research, heart surgery and other specialties, which different hospitals pursue.


Information Technology knowledge will increasingly be required in most of these positions.  It’s no longer someone laboriously keeping records by hand anymore, but it’s an individual entering the information into a computer at a reception desk, for example.  Today’s medical community is increasingly moving toward a paperless trail of information.  Companies such as Kansas City’s Cerner, which is a New York Stock Exchange company where my son Jim works, are very much on the cutting edge of this type of development. 


Nurse practitioner

This is going to be a growing field in the future.  Walgreens and one of the other major pharmaceutical chains have now established urgent care facilities owned by their respective firms, which feature a nurse practitioner for more routine procedures.  


In the future, a growing number of these clinics will open to treat patients, who may or may not have healthcare insurance, or whose doctor’s office may not be open that day. 


Geriatric care manager

It’s a growing field.  Men and women have all different levels of education and experience leading into these positions.  There are even temporary employment agencies that send people out on assignments, which may take place every day, a few days each week or a certain number of hours per day for three days each week, depending on a given family’s needs. 


Hospital worker

The good news about hospitals is this:  the current AARP list of top employers for men and women over age 50 includes hospitals throughout the U.S.  In fact, two of those hospitals have significant facilities in my home county of McHenry County, Illinois.  One is Centegra Health System and the other is Mercy Medical, which is based in Southern Wisconsin, but they also have a significant presence in northwest Illinois. 


Nurse and nursing assistant

My sister Tanis Caras, who is 59 years old, has been a nurse and a nurse supervisor, principally in ICU, for many years.  In the ICU ward, my sister typically worked three days each week for 12 hours per shift.  However, she was literally able to take off four days each week.  But, on those days when she was working, she really worked long hours.  Please bear in mind that people she monitored were men and women in life and death situations in the Intensive Care Unit of her hospital. 


The American Nurses Association, which is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, estimates the future shortfall for Registered Nurses will be 800,000.  But, there is already a shortfall of nurses all over America.  This analysis also does not include the LPN category of nurses. 


So the overall category of nurses in our society, especially as Baby Boomers continue to age, will exceed a one million nurse shortfall in our society in the future, which makes this a really critical issue in our society.  Fortunately, there are men and women who have been previously trained as nurses, especially women who may have left the profession to raise a family, for example.  The nursing profession today is reaching out to these women to encourage them to come back to their nursing career later in life.


Nurse educator

In order to address the increased demand for nurses, there is also today a crying need for nurse educators, who are willing to go back to school to earn a Master’s degree or PhD so that they can be qualified to teach in a nursing school or at a college level.

Medical technologist and hospital worker

These men and women do all sorts of testing, CT scans and various things having to do with specialized practices in medicine or as workers in a hospital. 


Dental hygienist

This professional also receives high pay in a dental office.  Typically, this individual is a woman, who works as an independent contractor for a dental office or several dental practices. 


This high demand individual has typically pursued a two year curriculum at a local junior college.  But, the sky is the limit in terms of where that woman will wind up working.  Most often, she will be able to choose a dental office or offices close to her home.  Finally, these women normally do not work every single day, but rather they pursue their skill three or four days each week.




James O. Armstrong, President of NowWhatJobs.net, Inc., also serves as the Editor of NowWhatJobs.net.  NowWhatJobs.net is the resource for job and career transitions for workers 40 years old and over, Baby Boomers and Active Seniors.  Read NowWhatJobs.net for skills training, relocation options, job opportunities and much more.  In addition, James is the author of “Now What?  Discovering Your New Life and Career After 50″ and the President of James Armstrong & Associates, Inc., a media representation firm based in Suburban Chicago.

Cheryl Benton, Marketing Professional and Women’s Newsletter Publisher

  – By: Greg Brown,

I was substitute teaching, because there was such a glut of English teachers. I was there until the end of the school year, and I thought, “I’ll have to go back to substituting in the fall.” I thought, “I’ll get some kind of summer job.” But, if you told businesses you were going back to teaching in the fall, they wouldn’t pay anything. Continue reading “Cheryl Benton, Marketing Professional and Women’s Newsletter Publisher”

Need Help With Your Business Growth? Consider a Virtual Assistant!

On May 15-17, 2008 (US), the Virtual Assistant will host its 3rd annual Online International Virtual Assistant Convention (OIVAC). This year, they will have three (3) informative, interactive roundtable sessions in which savvy, veteran, niche-specific VAs will answer questions inquisitive entrepreneurs have always wanted answered about working with a VA. And, we can all attend.

To register for one of the FREE, interactive sessions, visit http://www.oivac.com/intro.htm, and look for your meeting room link and complimentary pass in your email box in a few days.

In addition, they will have scheduled 38 seminars, and will showcase the industry at our 3-D interactive Exhibitor Hall. Feel free to their Seminar Schedule, and Speaker Profiles. They have topics on the agenda that just might assist with us baby boomers online and offline business growth.

Of course if you need to chat with a savvy baby boomer expert in the VA industry give a hollar to Kathie Thomas.