Is Obamacare Helping Baby Boomers Not Old Enough for Medicare?

Many baby boomers have lost their job and their benefits. It if you couple that with pre-existing conditions the possibility of getting insurance is  greatly reduced.  Click this link to read an insightful article about how the Obamacare program is actually helping baby boomers who are not old enough for Medicare.

Medigap And the Affordable Health Care Act Aka Obamacare Part 4

Someone asked me about supplemental insurance and the Affordable Health Care Act. Well, I did a little research. It appears that there is something called Medigap which you can get to supplement your Medicare. Yes, there will be some impact on that program. So listed below are several articles that address the issue.

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Will you be able to get cheaper Medigap insurance through Affordable Health Care Act?

What do the Medigap providers have to say?

I thought this blog post aimed at Baby Boomers was very insightful regarding the impact of Medicare and the Affordable Health Care Act

Basic Guide to the Medigap Insurance Plans



Affordable Health Care Act Information and Insights For Baby Boomers Part 2-How Do You Access Information For Your State?

So How do you get more information about the Affordable Health Care Plan for your State?

You can access the marketplace where health insurance  will be sold, are going to be accessible through Health Care .gov  and if you have issues with the technology you can do the instant chat feature which I found to be very helpful. There is also a  toll-free number which is 1-800-318-2596 or  TTY: 1-855-889-4325 . People without other forms of health insurance can sign up for subsidies through the marketplace [if they qualify] to help pay for coverage. You can go directly to this page to access , via your State, information about your marketplace.

Affordable Health Care Act Information and Insights For Baby Boomers Part 1

How much do you already know about the Affordable Health Care Act? Are people already asking you about information in your family because they know that you will KNOW? Aren’t we Baby Boomers always supposed to be the “go to folks”?

Well, I decided to finally start gathering information because I needed to KNOW MORE. The one thing that I am realizing is that a lot depends on your residence. Some States have their own marketplace-very interesting.

However, allow me to share an informative webinar with you that should help you start forming your own questions. The webinar was designed for Journalists who will be forming articles for the public to help our learning curve. Shhh, don’t tell any Journalists already you saw this webinar.  You know how we Baby Boomers love to learn. LOL

Pay close attention to information essential for those of us who are in the Baby Boomer age range but still working and not quite old enough for Medicare. Also, many are working but will lose benefits.

Please feel free to share your insights and resources. Also, if you have additional information or currently blogging about the topic I would love to have you as a guest blogger. But note, that I don’t desire to entertain a lot of negative rants about the subject just how we can maximize the information to meet our health care needs.

I will be sharing more later so be sure to include your email on the blog so you can get updates as I post them.


Do You Know Someone Who is Hearing Challenged and Needs an Amplified Phone?

Sometimes you need a gadget that will make life easier when your have personal challenges. If you or someone you know has a hearing challenge or need help waking in the morning then these items just might help. These devices make life easier and fun for anyone with hearing loss generally have a difficult time waking up in the morning! Below is more info:

Powertel 580.  Amplicom’s Powertel 580 Combination Amplified Corded Telephone With Integrated Answering Machine and Dect. 6.0 Cordles Handset offers loud, clear and personalized sound and brings back the joy of communication.  It is compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants, and feature large, easily readable displays.

Amplicom TCL Series Alarm Clocks:  The Amplicom TCL series alarm clocks have a wireless shaker pad that is placed under the pillow.   At the designated time, the pad vibrates to rouse the sleeper without waking up the rest of the household.   Available in both analogue (TCL 100) and digital (TCL 200) versions.  Great for those with hearing loss, but also ideal for the typical “heavy sleeper,” this alarm shakes and wakes you out of bed.
Amplicom NL 100 Neck Loops:  To relax, who doesn’t love listening to their newest playlist or a book on an iPod or other mp3 player?  And now those with hearing loss can enjoy the same access to these little pleasures thanks to Amplicom’s new Induction Neckloop.   It lets hearing aid wearers or anyone with compromised hearing get loud and clear sound when listening to a book or playlist.    It simply slips over the neck and plugs into the device.

Find out more about these products on Amplicon.

New System Provides Innovative Ways to Avoid Missing Prescription Medication

 I am so glad someone finally came up with a good medicine reminder.

MedCenter System features new approach of pill stocking (with days and dates), talking alarms and visual aids

Miami, Florida – April 15, 2013 – Prescription medicines are an important component of health management, however a growing volume of research indicates a disturbing trend in consumer noncompliance. Millions of Americans do not take their medicines correctly. People simply forget to take them, are confused about the proper dosage and timing, or lack the personal organization to carry out the daily task.

After noticing the problem of consumer noncompliance, Martin Cooper began a project based on a simple idea; create a talking system of remembering your daily medications using the date of the month – The Med Center system. This system emphasizes the “Date” rather than the “Day of the Week.” The “Date” is located on each Pill Box and Pill Cavity, the visual display of the Clock as well as audibly during the alert messages. This repetition of the “Date” helps ensure proper medication compliance, even when the user is unsure whether it is Monday or Tuesday.

“Growing up, my father would forget to take his necessary medication – which would result in him fainting and passing out,” says Martin Cooper, the inventor of The MedCenter System. “Coming up with a way to organize my parents’ medications and encourage their adherence was the true motivation behind creating the system,” he says.


The system works in the following steps:

· Load the entire month’s meds into the (31) Daily Pill Boxes and place them into the Organizer with their Green ends up, showing they are full.

· Set up to 4 Daily Alarms to alert you when your medication is due.


· At the beginning of the day, take the correct Pill Box out of the stand and place it into the “Today’s Pills” tray on the front of the Organizer Stand.

· A repeating friendly reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take. “Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th.”


· Press the red “Alarm Acknowledged” button to confirm compliance and the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock tells you when the next daily dose is due.


· At the end of the day, return the Pill Box to the stand with the Red end up to show the day’s pills have been taken.


· Press the green “Talk / Time” button at any time for an audible notification of the current time and date.


· Press the blue “Alarm Check” button at any time for an audible notification of the upcoming alarms.

· The clock also features an easy to operate, talking, Set procedure for all four alarms, the time and date.


· Large easy to read LCD with backlight makes the clock easy to read, even in the dark.

Doctors and Pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is crucial for managing your health. With the MedCenter System, taking your medications on schedule, becomes a part of your daily routine.

The MedCenter System has a suggested retail price of $69.95 with the talking LCD clock and $34.95 without it. Other products include: the Monthly Mini Monthly Organizer ($24.95), Traveler Weekly Organizer ($19.95), Daily Pill Organizer ($18.95), Daily Pill Organizer with Alarm ($28.95), and 5-Alarm Sport Watch ($24.95). More products can be seen here: 

MedCenter System products can be found nationwide at a variety of retailers, including select Kroger pharmacies, Discount Drug Mart Stores, Thrifty White, Kerr Drug, Ralph’s, CSN/Wayfair, The Gift Closet, Stacks & Stacks, Active Forever, Healthy Directions, Alimed, LS&S Dynamic Living, Medline, Miles Kimball Easy Comforts catalog, The Shopping Channel (Canada), Mary Maxim Catalog (Canada),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and on the company’s e-commerce site:




and on the company’s e-commerce site



Diabetes and Dentists Important Information to Help Keep Baby Boomers Healthier

Many of us may see our oral health as a part of our Diabetes health and management.  For some of us the Dental visit is only for dentures, implants or when that tooth hurts.  Yet, more and more research is showing that the health of our mouth can be an indicator of other health issues like Diabetes.

Many baby boomers may also ignore the need to make sure their current dentures fit properly. But poor fitting dentures can wreck havoc for the baby boomer diabetic.  Here is a short video on dental care and diabetes.

As many of you already know Diabetes results when he body does no produce enough insulin. learn more abou Diabetes by clicking his link.  As baby boomers our risk for developing the disease increases with age.  One report on health and baby boomers projected that one in four baby boomers will be living with Diabetes.

I want to share two articles on oral health and Diabetes that you can review for your self or a loved one. One is from the Centers for Disease and Control and another from Colgate-Palmolive Company  

I know I have a lot of links to articles in this one post. However, I encourage you to grab a cup of of your best low sugar beverage, relax and read all of them. As Baby Boomers we must do all we can to keep vital, healthy and purposeful. There is just too much for us to do. Don’t you agree?