Radio Broadcast By Carole Copeland Thomas on Mold Madness

Many folks are still pumping water out of their homes. But many are not aware of the dangers of mold that can result if proper steps are not taken. I am posting a radio broadcast by Carole Copeland Thomas that she did on mold.

Please note that baby boomers with any respiratory issues should not be involved in the cleanup process.

I am also including a great post that includes invaluable resource material from EPA.

Carole Copeland Thomas’s rebroadcast about mold.

More resources about mold in a post on Be in the Know NJ

Don’t let mold get a hold of you empower others with this information. Do you promise?

In Cairo Slum, the Poor Spark Environmental Change

I  saw a picture in a magazine about a city in a Cairo slum.  After reading the short article that described why garbage was stored on the rooftops of the city I decided to find out more. So here is an article and recording that talks about an environmental project.

I was impressed with the fact that girls are now allowed to learn in the schools. Because the trade  is garbage recycling for the residents they learn how to use Excel spreadsheets.  Interesting.

There is so much work to do, isn’t it?

Read about the Zabaleen and the environmental project.

Also, here is an excellent photography blog with pictures from Cairo.

10 Costly Mistakes That Seniors May Face During Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Enjoy and consider following some of the sage advice during the Medicare open enrollment.

By Guest Blogger, Ross Blair From Plan Subscriber

1.      Missing the Fine print: not reading the fine print in your annual plan Notice of Change about which benefits have changed and which have remained for your plan.

2.      Going on Auto-pilot: not doing anything and simply auto-enrolling in the same plan. Many plans change cost and drug coverage annually. What worked last year for you may not work with the same plan this year and could cost you money in terms of higher prescription drug costs and other out-of-pocket expenses. Changes in medication usage can also change what plan offers you the best economic value.

3.      Stable premiums = stable coverage: just because your Medicare Advantage or Part D premium hasn’t gone up doesn’t mean that you are getting the same plan for the same price next year. Deductibles, co-pays, and prescription drug coverage are just a few of the benefits that may have changed. Research and find out what the total out-of-pocket cost will be for this plan.

4.      Not asking for help: not asking for help from qualified professionals in understanding and selecting a plan or using tools to evaluate prescriptions. You can get help through your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), PlanPrescriber, licensed health insurance agents who are certified to sell Medicare, family members or by calling 1-800-Medicare.

5.      Not getting a second opinion: by not shopping around and seeing what other plans are out there, you may be costing yourself more money in 2011. This is an important decision, so take the time you need to make the right choice and understand all of the options available in your area.

6.      Extended care: don’t assume nursing home care is a covered benefit; it is not. Medicare does not provide coverage for custodial care, assisted living facilities or long term care. However, skilled nursing facilities may be covered following a related hospital stay.

7.      My drugs are covered: don’t assume your doctor knows what is in your network or what prescriptions are in your formulary. You can enter your current medications on a website like to see which drugs are covered on your current plan and compare the projected costs with other plans available in your area. You can print out this comparison and take it with you to see the doctor. Make sure your doctor knows your in-network labs, physical therapists, or durable medical providers.

8.      Medigap has me covered: don’t assume Medigap plans will pay claims that Medicare won’t. Medicare only pays for medically necessary claims. If Medicare doesn’t pay either because the service rendered is not ‘medically necessary” or a Medicare covered benefit, neither will the Medigap plan.

9.      I’ll qualify: don’t assume you will automatically be accepted in a Medigap plan outside of Open Enrollment or Guaranteed issue qualifying events. Medical underwriting does occur.

10.   I’m covered world-wide: don’t assume Medicare covers you when traveling outside of the United States. Medicare will not pay any medical claims outside the US and its territories. However, certain MediGap plans might extend emergency coverage outside of the U.S.

Source: PlanPrescriber, Inc. ( )

Alzheimers, Anesthesia and Antibiotics What Do They Have in Common?

I just read an insightful post that looked at the impact of anesthesia and antibiotics plus other factors on Alzheimers. I just took my mom for a procedure but never asked about the type of anesthesia and which one had a worst effect on dementia.

This post looks at several things that can help or hurt Alzhemers. I was very excited that online searches can really keep us sharp. So, back to my ebay research for better brain health.

Here is the very good post on alzhemers and how anesthesia, antibiotics and other factors impact the disease.

A Powerful Public Service Announcement That Shares an Unforgetable Health Message

Someone sent this Public Service Announcement that shared an insightful health message. Now, when I saw the title I opened it because it mentioned the word auction. Ah, one of the first things we must always do in blogging and ads is to capture attention with the title. It worked!

The video is in Italian with English subtitles. When it starts you are immediately swept into the excitement of a live auction. The value of the vase that is being sold is high, bids are high and the tension is  high.

View the video below and tell me what you think-did you remember the health message?


Are Financial Woes Hitting Baby Boomers Below the Belt?

This revealing blog post suggests that financial worries actually affect the sex lives of baby boomers. I believe it! Add to the mix caregiver woes, job woes, and health woes and sex can get put on the back burner instead of burning away the woes.

Read this article and share your insights on sex and babyboomer woes.

PS there is also an opportunity to write for the site so sign up!

Facebook Fan Page Review-BYU Public Health

BYU Public Health2o1 Fans

Why I Became a Fan of this Page

I am trained as a Community Health Educator. I still work as a Health Educator and actively maintain a blog on health issues. I also actively advocate using social media to promote public health messages. Hence, I belong to many public health pages and groups.

This page belongs to an innovative School of Public Health in Provo, Utah. It has several posts that provide great public health information. It also has volunteer and internship opportunities. I like it.

I am surprised that the entire school is not involved. There are a couple of videos  and lots of pictures on the site. I encourage you to join because of the updated health information. If you are a student you will get career information and updates.

Join today!