Are You Ready to Get Senior Discounts Yet?

There was a time, in my mid-fifties, that I would ask for senior discounts and get sad if they gave them to me without batting an eye. “That meant that I looked old”, I thought to myself. But now since this baby boomer is older, I ASK EVERYWHERE FOR SENIOR DISCOUNTS. Then I am proud to prove it even if it means taking out my dentures. Ha!

Well, a good friend sent this list of senior discounts to me. If you know of any others please list them as a comment.

Discounts for Seniors

Senior discounts FOR YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW CAN USE! Finally something GOOD about being OLD!!! Enjoy and pass it on!! FOR YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW WHO CAN USE IT.

Applebee’s: 15% off with Golden Apple Card (60+)
Arby’s: 10% off (55+)
Ben & Jerry’s: 10% off (60+)
Bennigan’s: discount varies by location
Bob’s Big Boy: discount varies by location (60+)
Boston Market: 10% off (65+)
Burger King: 10% off (60+)
Captain D’s Seafood: discount varies on location (62+)
Chick-Fil-A: 10% off or free small drink or coffee (55+)
Chili’s: 10% off (55+)
CiCi’s Pizza: 10% off (60+)
Culver’s: 10% off (60+)
Denny’s: 10% off, 20% off for AARP members (55+)
Dunkin’; Donuts: 10% off or free coffee (55+)
Einstein’s Bagels: 10% off baker’s dozen of bagels (60+)
Fuddrucker’s: 10% off any senior platter (55+)
Gatti’s Pizza: 10% off (60+)
Golden Corral: 10% off (60+)
Hardee’s: $0.33 beverages everyday (65+)
IHOP: 10% off (55+)
Jack in the Box: up to 20% off (55+)
KFC: free small drink with any meal (55+)
Krispy Kreme: 10% off (50+)
Long John Silver’s: various discounts at participating locations (55+)
McDonald’s: discounts on coffee everyday (55+)
Mrs. Fields: 10% off at participating locations (60+)
Shoney’s: 10% off
Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+)
Steak ‘n Shake: 10% off every Monday & Tuesday (50+)
Subway: 10% off (60+)
Sweet Tomatoes: 10% off (62+)
Taco Bell: 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+)
TCBY: 10% off (55+)
Tea Room Cafe: 10% off (50+)
Village Inn: 10% off (60+)
Waffle House: 10% off every Monday (60+)
Wendy’s: 10% off (55+)
White Castle: 10% off (62+)

Retail And Apparel
Banana Republic: 10% off (50+)
Bealls: 20% off first Tuesday of each month (50+)
Belk’s: 15% off first Tuesday of every month (55+) Big Lots: 10% off Bon-Ton Department Stores: 15% off on senior discount days (55+)
C.J. Banks: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
Clarks: 10% off (62+)
Dress Barn: 10% off (55+)
Goodwill: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location)
Hallmark: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location)
Kmart: 20% off (50+)
Kohl’s: 15% off (60+)
Modell’s Sporting Goods: 10% off
Rite Aid: 10% off on Tuesdays & 10% off prescriptions
Ross Stores: 10% off every Tuesday (55+)
The Salvation Army Thrift Stores: up to 50% off (55+)
Stein Mart: 20% off red dot/clearance items first Monday of every
month (55+)

Albertson’s: 10% off first Wednesday of each month (55+)
American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (50+) Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
DeCicco Family Markets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+)
Food Lion: 6% off every Monday (60+)
Fry’s Supermarket: free Fry’s VIP Club Membership & 10% off every
Monday (55+)
Great Valu Food Store: 5% off every Tuesday (60+) Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (60+)
Harris Teeter: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
Hy-Vee: 5% off one day a week (date varies by location)
Kroger: 10% off (date varies by location)
Morton Williams Supermarket: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
The Plant Shed: 10% off every Tuesday (50+)
Publix: 5% off every Wednesday (55+)
Rogers Marketplace: 5% off every Thursday (60+)
Uncle Guiseppe’s Marketplace: 5% off (62+)

Alaska Airlines: 10% off (65+)
Alamo: up to 25% off for AARP members
American Airlines: various discounts for 65 and up (call before
booking for discount)
Amtrak: 15% off (62+)
Avis: up to 25% off for AARP members
Best Western: 10% off (55+)
Budget Rental Cars: 10% off; up to 20% off for AARP members (50+)
Cambria Suites: 20%-30% off (60+)
Clarion: 20%-30% off (60+)
Comfort Inn: 20%-30% off (60+)
Comfort Suites: 20%-30% off (60+)
Continental Airlines: no initiation fee for Continental Presidents
Club & special fares for select destinations
Dollar Rent-A-Car: 10% off (50+)
Econo Lodge: 20%-30% off (60+)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 5% off for AARP members
Greyhound: 5% off (62+)
Hampton Inns & Suites: 10% off when booked 72 hours in advance
Hertz: up to 25% off for AARP members
Holiday Inn: 10%-30% off depending on location (62+)
Hyatt Hotels: 25%-50% off (62+)
InterContinental Hotels Group: various discounts at all hotels (65+)
Mainstay Suites: 10% off with Mature Traveler’s Discount (50+); 20%-30%
off (60+)
Marriott Hotels: 15% off (62+)
Motel 6: 10% off (60+)
Myrtle Beach Resort: 10% off (55+)
National Rent-A-Car: up to 30% off for AARP members
Quality Inn: 20%-30% off (60+)
Rodeway Inn: 20%-30% off (60+)
Sleep Inn: 20%-30% off (60+)
Southwest Airlines: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before
booking for discount)
Trailways Transportation System: various discounts for ages 50 and up
United Airlines: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before
booking for discount)
U.S. Airways: various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before
booking for discount)

Activities And Entertainment
AMC Theaters: up to 30% off (55+)
Bally Total Fitness: up to $100 off memberships (62+) Busch Gardens Tampa: $3 off one-day tickets (50+)
Carmike Cinemas: 35% off (65+)
Cinemark/Century Theaters: up to 35% off
U.S. National Parks: $10 lifetime pass; 50% off additional services
including camping (62+)
Regal Cinemas: 30% off
Ripley’s Believe it or Not: @ off one-day ticket (55+)
SeaWorld Orlando: $3 off one-day tickets (50+)

Cell Phone Discounts
AT&T: Special Senior Nation 200 Plan $29.99/month (65+)
Jitterbug: $10/month cell phone service (50+)
Verizon Wireless: Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan $29.99/month (65+).

Great Clips: $3 off hair cuts (60+)
Super Cuts: $2 off haircuts (60+)

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Green Peace Calenders Are Great for Gifts to Anyone Who Needs to See it BIG

After searching through all the calenders in the store I finally brought two Greenpeace Wall Calenders for my mom and uncle. Both of them have challenges with their sight. It was a delight to see them actually “see” the dates on the calender.

Now, the calender starts in January. But I hung it up in my uncles house anyway. But my mom decided to wait until December 31, 2008. So if you are looking for an unadvertised large print calender get your copy of Greenpeace. You will also help the efforts to keep our planet green because monies are donated from your purchase.

7 Super Saves If You Are A Baby Boomer Who Desires To Learn Software Online

I love hearing the word SAVE these days.  Before the economy became unstable I learned all my software online. Now, I am glad I do. I want to share seven  ‘ SAVES’ that will help you if you are planning to learn new software.

1.       Save Gas

Gas prices can go up or down it doesn’t matter because I can sit in my home or anywhere I might be in the world learning Outlook, Excel, or PHP  on my PC or husbands Mac without starting my car engine, burning a planes’  gas, or taking a bus.

2.       Save Time

I am one of those people who feel that time spent can equal money wasted or earned. (Unless it is time spent with family.) So, traveling to a location, parking the car, and listening to an instructor I may or may not understand can be a big waste of time.  When I dedicate 30-60 minutes learning PowerPoint 2007, for example, I don’t need to factor in the time spent traveling to and from a location, signing up for the class, sending in the money, etc

3.       Save On Books

You just don’t need text books when you learn software online. So say good-bye to buying “how to learn Photoshop”, etc., books on Amazon, E-bay or any other way.

4.       Save My Sanity

I no longer feel like I am going crazy because I didn’t understand the really smart technological genius teaching me Photoshop who did not have good communication skills. Or, the really nice instructor who spent most of his time helping the really cute looking model in the seat in front of me.

 My online software training company has trainers that take the time to explain new terms, speak clearly and still know their stuff. That is really important for someone who doesn’t have a 13 year old grandson to explain everything.

5.       Save On  Retention

I actually remember more of what I learn when I do it online. Ok, let me explain. I can stop the video, then go and do what I learned. I just open another tab or window and practice what I just learned. I can work at my own pace.

6.       Save Respect

Yes, you can save the respect of everyone who looks to you to have the answer to tough questions. For example, if you are a baby boomer you don’t want to lose the respect of younger folks in your audience because you still don’t know how to put your PowerPoint into a slide show mode. They  will miss hearing your solutions to their problems  because you have not fully learned the technology.

7.       Save Money

If I want to take a class on Html or PHP it will not be cheap. The same holds true for the Adobe products.  But my husband and I pay a flat fee every year to have access to a huge amount of software titles for the price of taking a class for a single topic. We just saw a flyer for a full day of Photoshop which cost close to $300 dollars. Whereas, we can view over 12 hours for that same course in addition to 70,000 tutorials for less than the price of one live class.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still attend a “live” class when I know the reputation of the instructor or if it is a course that is not available online. But I so enjoy my savings and vast assortment of offerings online.

I encourage you to visit and sample some of the “savings.” You can even take some of the first couple of classes FREE for each of the courses.


Wanted-Stories For Cookbook Just For Dads Who Can’t Cook In Time For Fathers Day!

A special blogging boomer buddy is doing a cookbook! Betty Lynch, the blogging genius behind My Country Kitchen, is looking for writers. Please read and circulate the request below. Thanks

My Country Kitchen is desperately in need of your help!!  I’m writing a cookbook for the 99 Series.  This cookbook is for DADS who don’t know how to cook, but want to spend valuable time with their children.  Food is an awesome way to spend quality time together.  I want to add stories about Dads and kids cooking together in the kitchen.  It can be funny, kitchen disasters, or inspirational stories of what went on with Dad and kids in the kitchen.  If your story is selected to be in the cookbook, we will put your name and website address with your story in the cookbook in hopes to give you some exposure.  Please email me at  I need these stories as soon as possible.  Our goal is to have this cookbook out by Father’s Day, 2009.

Baby Boomer Friendly Online Business Success Training

Baby Boomer Friendly Online Business Success Training helped me to get deeper with blogging. It also, helped me to better understand other internet marketing strategies. I liked it because it was taught by woman who knows adult education principles. Also, she has over 3 decades of experiences, already making money on the internet and she draws pictures. Well she uses webinars to teach.

This is the perfect course for beginners online! With 8 modules and more than 75 step-by-step video tutorials, this is not only a comprehensive course, but one that is doable!

Now, hubby and I spent a few weeks, every week, in this comprehensive yet easy to follow and understand course. I wanted to share it with anyone reading this who wants to take it slow but learn fast. So check it out. The teacher is none other than Dr. Jeanette Cates! You can check out her course right here! 


Amazon’s Kindle is a Baby Boomer Friendly Reader

Amazon's kindle is a great reader for baby boomers. It has a great screen, easy to use and a must for passionate readers on the go. You can increase the text size of your favorite book or periodical with the push of a button. If your eyes tire, simply increase the font size and continue reading comfortably. Kindle has six adjustable font sizes to suit your reading preference.Just think you can read all those pdf ebooks you have downloaded but have not had a chance to read. Take the kindle on the plane, boat or train and read away!



It’s True -30 Daily Doses of Motivation Is Now Available Free Until Feb. 18,2008

A book I co-authored with Dr. Robin Eubanks is NOW available to my readers only until Feb. 18, 2008. This is a book of motivational quotes with illustrations that will, hopefully, take up a healthy piece of real estate in your brain.

I am convinced that if we are not thinking of good stuff the bad stuff crowds everything else out. So, we decided to launch this little book that has inspired many in our workshops and keynotes. I have also used it to share with folks in the hospital or home recovering from an illness.

So go ahead and go to and download your copy today. And yes, you can share it with your friends and family.

Also visit my friend, Dr. Eubanks site. She is an excellent keynote speaker and super trainer.

Take care and enjoy.

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Take care and enjoy your motivational moment!

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