Need To Learn A Excel, PowerPoint, Resume Writing, Publisher, or Get Ebooks ALL FREE?

Today I had an engaging and empowering discussion with a fellow motivational speaker, Donna Satchell about blogging. We motivated each other by discussing some cool tips and techniques and then she asked. “Rosie, do you want some great online training?” I had just decided this morning that I wanted to pump up some of my skills in Outlook and Excel so I shouted, YES.

So she  shared with me a site that can be used when you have some evening down time, scheduled training time or even while recovering from work, illness or retirement. The site is called Learn Free and is produced by the wonderful folks at the Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC.

Now you probably have the same question I had “What’s the catch?”

So, I looked for the “catch” and here it is right on their website under the section on Support was a Frequently Asked Question about how they were able to offer these classes free. The answer is below:

Have you ever thought about what Goodwill does with the proceeds from their retail stores? When you donate your gently-used items to Goodwill, you are supporting programs that provide education, employment, and life enrichment opportunities for people in your community.® is one such program of Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, Inc.®, based in Eastern North Carolina. The funds raised through the Goodwill Stores make possible, not only for the residents of Eastern North Carolina, but for people all around the world!

So if you are a baby boomer that wants to Learn Baby Learn check out Learn Free. And, if you want, there is a well deserved opportunity to donate to the organization in appreciation.


Baby Boomers-Need a Bridge Job or Just a Job to Add to Pension?

I just read an excellent post on bridge jobs for babyboomers. Now, th

is is inspirational because it shows it encourages baby boomers to look at jobs for the purpose of staying productive. Yet, I am stuck on the fact that so many baby boomers I know are just trying to add to their pensions.

A bridge job for many is an essential job for many baby boomers who  lost their jobs or need to pay for benefits until they reach medicare eligibility.

So, look at this post and share with others who may be thinking about staying productive or just plain need a job.

Bridge jobs for babyboomers.

Baby Boomers Are You Ready To Skyrocket Your Virtual Success? Consider a Virtual Event

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What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual Events (VE) are some of the most effective tools for presenting valuable information via the telephone or Internet, creating new products, increasing your profitability, and reducing your marketing costs.  Using Virtual Events such as teleseminars, webinars and webcasts are one of the fastest ways to introduce yourself to prospective clients while nurturing relationships with existing clients at the same time – all with one simple telephone call or online event!  No matter what business you are in, VEs are one of the most profitable avenues to business and/or personal success. Continue reading “Baby Boomers Are You Ready To Skyrocket Your Virtual Success? Consider a Virtual Event”

Go Visit Your “Follow Your Spiritual Ambition Blog” By A Work At Home Mom

Now allow me to share what I really like about the blog Follow Your Spiritual Ambition” by Linda.

  • I just love her About Page
  • She has most of her opt in and contact information opportunities above the fold
  • She is a transparent sharing blogger who also profiles other bloggers

So follow the link and visit Follow Your Spiritual Ambition Blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Ebay, Baby Boomers and Collectors

It appears that many many baby boomers are buying and selling on Ebay. Now, some are doing the selling to augment retirement income. While others are seeking hobby focused collections. Whatever the case Ebay is one of the largest online auctions around.

I found this well written, comprehensive article by Philip Moeller. He writes for US New and Reports. He also has extensive  experience in business journalism, including reporting, writing, editing and publication design and production, both in print and online.

As such, he is a credible source for the article I am sharing with you.  This article looks at the baby boomers and Ebay use. It also gives a birds eye view of what is hot for purchase and sales on Ebay. I loved it. I think it will added value to your Ebay efforts as a buyer or seller.

So, take a few minutes to check out this article about Ebay, baby boomers, collectors and retirement.

Timely Tips to Tame Your Facebook Fan Page

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As I continue my review of Facebook Fan Pages I have joined I thought it would be helpful to share this blog post. It is from a really cool blog called Indie Business.

Now, this is what I am going to do. I will review the article on improving your fan page. I just joined the Indie Business Fan page and will study the information and how they format their site.

I am not a Facebook Fan Page expert so it is in my best interest to stand on some tall shoulders. Remember, I am a baby boomer and that is how we do things, right? So, take a few minutes to read this power-packed article on enhancing your fan page.

Please share whatever changes you made to your fan page as a result.

Oh, did I tell you that their fan page  has 1,031 fans? They must be doing something right!

Do You Have a Logo?

CaringCommunicationssigDo you have a logo for your business?

I was just uploading my logo to my Ebay invoices and wondered how much we really use our logos online. What do our logos say about us and about our business?

If you  look  at my logo you see that it is an attempt to capture the myraid forms of communication.  For us it includes online talk, offline talk, plus more all connecting with powerful diversity.

I hope that my logo shares the combined business efforts of both Ray and myself. As an artist Ray is teaching, training and teleporting folks into his art as much as possible.

As a trainer, keynoter, baby boomer blogger, coin lover and communication expert I am trying to connect folks with  their passion, potential and purpose through caring communications.

What about you? Do you have a logo you would like to share ? How do you use it? Are you using it as much as you should?

Just add  a link to somewhere we can view your logo directly in your comments. Keep up the great work my f fellow baby boomers.

Boomer Credit Fitness-Business Teleseminar on 9/22 at 2:00 pm EST Register Now!

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Credit Fitness

Most business owners have no idea about the numerous alternative funding sources.

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Credit Fitness

This is another excellent post which is part of the

Boomer Credit Fitness Series

By Morlino and Lathea Morris

Business Credit and Capital: How to Get it

& Who to Get it From

Having access to capital is vital to the success of your business. However, due to the current condition of capital markets – getting capital or credit can be a difficult, if not an insurmountable challenge. So what do you do? Well, continuing to waste your valuable time trying to convince a traditional bank to loan you capital, approve a line of credit or credit card is not the answer. It’s Time For You to Investigate Alternative Sources of Capital & Credit! Most business owners have no idea about the numerous alternative funding sources

Join Special Guest Presenters along with Lathea Morris who will lead this teleseminar. She’s an entrepreneur and small business professional trainer who in many circles is known as the “Credit Guru.” She knows about capital resources – who to consider doing business with and who to stay away from. This is a Unique Opportunity to Learn About:

  • Alternative sources of capital and credit
  • How to get access to these resources
  • The new rules of credit and steps to take before applying for capital
  • Business credit scores

Never before has it been a time so urgent for small business owners to get practical advice on how to take advantage of alternative funding options. Register Now! Get a 10% Discount  – Put in code:myguest01

Cell Phone Plans vs Pre-Paid Plans Who Wins?

May of us now may be looking to save money with our cell phones. Of course that depends on if you have a cell phone. But if you do this video produced by Bank of America was clear, short and informative. They even gave the pros and cons and decided on the winner.

It does appear that negotiation techniques would be an excellent video also. How do you negotiate for a better phone plan? What are the words you should say? What about your tone of voice? Any suggestuons? I will wait to hear from you before I call Verizon.