10 Things Baby Boomers Can do if They Shop Online During the Holidays and 10 Plus More Ebay Stores That Can Help You

 blogging betty boomerMy friend Blogging Betty Boomer  has discovered some really simple yet interesting things you can do if you shop online this season. If you add shopping online to your holiday choices you can:

 1.  Watch Scandal, The Good Wife favorite sports  game and National Geographic instead missing them while  standing in line.

2.  You can fight over an item you want with “bidding” instead of pushing and pulling.

3.  You can see all your item choices with the click of the mouse or touch on your screen without waiting for a sales person to show them to you.

4.  You can save money in gas and use it for shopping and a cup of latte, herb tea or marshmallows for the hot chocolate.

5.  You can still ask questions about your item without watching body language that says “How many times do I have to tell you…”

6.  You can buy stuff as old as you and older without non- vintage folks looking at you strange.

7.  You can get an idea what kind of gift your favorite mail carrier will like by disclosing what is in your package and watching their face.

8.  You can return the item, if needed, without standing in the customer service line.

9.  You can add to your feedback number and look more experienced in case you decide you want to become an Ebay Seller.

10.  You always have access to your own comfortable bathroom if you buy from your home.

Some Trusted Ebay Stores Running Amazing Sales

The Ebay Stores below are running some unbelievable  sales from 10-60% off. And while you are at  it you might find some cool stuff for yourself. New stores will be added in the next couple of days so keep checking back. And if you buy anything drop a note and tell them Rosie sent you!

You will find your shopping experience to be a real class act with solid professionals who have exceptional customer service.

NYC Family Fitness and Finds

Senior Rescue Store

JJ’s Gift Shop and Collectibles

Jaxsprats Unique Collectibles

Short Cakes Stuff

South Miami Beach Boutique

BJ’s Closet and Garage

Pretty Pretty Plus Size Store


Consider This Shop

My Pop Culture Universe

Starries Closet

My Little General Store

Extra Bonus

If you buy from any of the stores above, let me know, and I will give you a %10 discount on anything, I mean anything, in my Ebay Store Baby Boomer Collectibles until January 10, 2013. You will get the discount on top of what ever sale is running.

Have a blessed holiday season and thanks for stopping by.

You Can Vacation in Paradise Island Next Year If You Start Brewing Your Own Coffee Today

I just read an eye-opening blog post in Wallop Pop that indicated a savings of  $835 dollars if you brew your coffee at home for a year. That’s right if we restrain ourselves from grabbing that cup of java from our popular fun shops and put the money in a jar we can see super savings. I checked on Travelocity to see what vacations existed that cost less than $835 with airfare. There were a lot including Paradise Island.

Now, I love my cup of Starbucks coffee while at Barnes and Nobles so I will not be super disciplined at doing this. But if I jar or deposit half of the stuff I love to pick up on a regular basis I can really save. Ok, let’s see how about baking those pumpkin muffins I love so much from Whole Foods? Or, reading the daily paper online? The bottom line is I must find something to cut back on that is part of my regular financial luxury spending. And guess what if I cut back to the skinny I just might get skinny.

How about you? What are you saving for and how are you doing it?

Happy Holidays – Freebies and Savings Opportunities

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