Diabetes and Dentists Important Information to Help Keep Baby Boomers Healthier

Many of us may see our oral health as a part of our Diabetes health and management.  For some of us the Dental visit is only for dentures, implants or when that tooth hurts.  Yet, more and more research is showing that the health of our mouth can be an indicator of other health issues like Diabetes.

Many baby boomers may also ignore the need to make sure their current dentures fit properly. But poor fitting dentures can wreck havoc for the baby boomer diabetic.  Here is a short video on dental care and diabetes.

As many of you already know Diabetes results when he body does no produce enough insulin. learn more abou Diabetes by clicking his link.  As baby boomers our risk for developing the disease increases with age.  One report on health and baby boomers projected that one in four baby boomers will be living with Diabetes.

I want to share two articles on oral health and Diabetes that you can review for your self or a loved one. One is from the Centers for Disease and Control and another from Colgate-Palmolive Company  

I know I have a lot of links to articles in this one post. However, I encourage you to grab a cup of of your best low sugar beverage, relax and read all of them. As Baby Boomers we must do all we can to keep vital, healthy and purposeful. There is just too much for us to do. Don’t you agree?


The Great Fat Fraud is Not Just Another Weight Loss Book

“It’s all about movement and learning to walk 10.000 steps at a time” That is an engaging quote from a new book by Mike Schatzki, called “The Great Fat Fraud-Why the Obesity Epidemic isn’t how to be totally healthy without losing weight AND if you Should Lose Some Pounds how to keep them from finding you again.

Mike’s book is based on the research of an analytic research prone mind and written in the style of a creative teacher who is gifted enough to make the common person understand physics.  The chapter headings make you want to read the contents.  Thirty short easy to read chapters are tucked under seven sections plus three appendices that include body index charts, a treadmill protocol and how to correctly use your pedometer.

The sections include:

  • How to Be Totally Healthy without Losing a Pound
  • Pound-Losing Them, Making Sure They Don’t Find You Again
  • Getting from Here to 10,000
  • Everything Else the Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • How the Weight Loss Industry Tricked Us Into Believing tha Fat is a Disease and What We Can Do About It
  • Putting It All Together
  • Endnotes and More Detail on the Science Underlying This Book

Check this book out even if you already disagree with some of the section headings you will not be bored or regret the time spent. PLUS it just might help. Now, let me get to bed a little earlier tonight so I can start making more steps in the morning. And trust me I am counting the steps to the bath and bedroom.




So Are You Using Pinterest Yet? A Nightly News Report

If you have been thinking about using Pinterest for fun or business here is a short video report on this new and famous social networking site.  Note that if you are using it for business the interesting demographics of who is using the site. View the video and tell me what you think.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Caregivers-Watch Changes in Your Elderly Loved One While in the Hospital

Since my mom’s recent death I am still convinced that families and religious organizations need to develop more  systems for support. One of the systems needed is education and enhanced visitation of the elderly when they are in the hospital. We are often concerned, as we should be, about correcting the chronic or critical health condition. But other stuff can also happen like confusion and decline in the mental status of our loved one that MAY NOT be dementia.

I saw this happen many times with my mom. One night when I was not at her bedside, she took her IV out and thank goodness a visitor to her roommate alerted the staff. When I arrived all the blood was already cleaned up and she was telling me about it in a state of shock.

I know we cannot be with our loved ones all the time. But if only a respite system was in place in all our families to rotate sitting with our loved ones to keep them focused and notice changes that we need to advocate for medical intervention-that would help a lot.

Here are two articles I want to share with you on delirium in the hospital.

Mental Trouble for Elderly Patients

Another Hospital Hazard for the Elderly

80 Year Old Double Amputee Has Phenomenal Passion and Purpose

Malcolm Lambert is 80 years old and a double amputee yet he has decided to live his life full of purpose and passion. He skydives for justice and is an active human rights advocate. Take three (3) minutes to listen to his incredible story which highlights his mission in life despite his physical challenges.


Also, you can read  more about this innovative video site that shares other inspirational videos by clicking this link for HooplaHa.